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Friday, November 16, 2007


MaxFund dog Payton Ringo, adopted from MaxFund MaxFund dog Lucy Tucker being watchful
Ringo's new buddy?
Tucker's new buddy?

Exciting news for Payton! Two possible adopters brought their dogs to meet him Thursday. One was the guy who adopted Ringo. The other is a woman who has Niko.

(The Human Assistant can't remember the woman's name at the moment. I hope he got the dog's name right!)

It sounds like both would be good homes. Except for the fact that all three dogs are young males. Maybe they can work it out.

The Human Assistant went to MaxFund today just to check on Payton and see whether Ringo's new dad knew about him. That's when he found out about the visits.

Volunteer Cindy was walking Payton. They went into the exercise yard. She threw balls for him and he retrieved them! Sheesh! Until he got tired of it, which didn't take too many throws.

The woman says Niko is the same way. He's a Sibe/​German Shepherd/​Rottie/​or-something mix. We haven't met him. That's just what she told H.A.

Her setup is probably better than Ringo's right now. H.A. says he votes for her. If all the references check out okay. Not that anybody listens to him at MaxFund. Heh. At least I listen to him. Sometimes.

The woman's house has a doggy door. One of the adoption people at the shelter didn't like this. That was kinda baffling. But there was a reason, sorta.

A dog that was recently adopted from MaxFund went out her home's doggy door. And escaped! It does not sound like the problem is the door! It's the yard! Right?

(They did find her.  ::WHEW::!)

Anyway. We'll see what happens. But something good for Payton, I hope!

While H.A. was at the shelter he looked for another dog to bring home! I couldn't believe it!!!  ::Grrr::

He found Lucy, a senior female. He says she's a happy and sweet doggy. He took some photos of her.

He took some of Payton, too. That one at the top is new. But he sorta forgot he had the camera when Payton was fetching the ball! I wish I could've watched him.

Like H.A. says, you have to know the breed. Then any given dog will toss the rules out the window!

Or chew them up, like I would. I'm very good about fences. No jumping over, no digging under. So I get a tiny bit of slack over the chewing. But not as much as I deserve!

Especially with talk about bringing another doggy here! I will have more to say about that next time!

Oh. H.A. says Payton's muzzle is kinda blocky. More Mal-ish, he thinks. The picture up top is the one that shows it best. Which is not very well. You can click on it to see a larger image.


-- photos of Lucy and Ringo by Nicole Howard
-- edited 11/20/2009 by Human Assistant to fix Lucy's photo link.

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