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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tree trouble

Here are a few more snow pictures from Wednesday. The Human Assistant took 22 pictures and not one has me in it!

He was going to take me out front with him. He thought he'd attach a 30-foot rope to my leash and tie me to something so I wouldn't go into the street with him. Or wherever.

But look what he found!

somedoggy chewed this rope! Closeup of chewed rope
Somedoggy chewed this rope! Closeup of chewed rope

Was it a mouse? Or was it Mystique? You know who gets my vote!

It sure wasn't one of the other seven dogs that lived here this year. Only one of us chewed plastic flower pots, aluminum cans, and furniture!

Anyway. While the Human Assistant was unpacking a new rope, Gremlin peed in the living room. Which H.A. always blames me for.

I'm not sure he has a firm grasp on anatomy. Maybe he thinks I'm a ventrilopissed or something.

Then he said he'd had enough with doggies for a while. He went out front by himself. He found these human-made trees leaning one way and another.

leaning utility poles closeup of leaning utility poles
Which way is up? Are they okay like that?

He said these human trees are called poles.

Well, humans have better eyesight than dogs do. Plus his camera has a zoom lens. But I don't know how you can tell Poles1 from Czechs or Slovaks ... or Ukrainians, even.

Then he went in the back yard to take more pictures. Oh no!

broken branch in apple tree closeup of broken branch
Broken branch in apple tree Poor apple tree!

H.A. told me that one big branch of the apple tree broke off! Right at the trunk! And it's on the red-apple side of the tree!

He said that it's been broken a little while now. The snow wasn't heavy enough to do that in this last storm. Or maybe too many squirrels jumped up and down on the branch all at the same time.

I don't know. But he said this is a good time of year to get the tree pruned. Which he says it needed anyway.


He says there will still be lots of red apples for me next year. And that I hadn't even noticed it was broken before now. So why get upset now?

Well, maybe. At least there are still some apples falling off the tree. I can round up one or two a day. So that's good.

Here are a couple of pictures of other animals pretending to be Siberian Huskies. They cheered me up a little.  ::small Husky grin::

kittens caught with mess dog caught with mess



1 In one short story, Isaac Asimov wrote that the smallest spelling change you can make to an English word that will change how it's pronounced is to capitalize polish.

"moar funny pictures" frm icanhascheezburger

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