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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Little Devil is outta here!

English Cocker Spaniel The call came in this morning. Shu Shu's adoption is approved.

They signed the papers over lunch. She'll be disrupting another home by tonight.


Shu Shu is the​  ≋ Spaniel from Heck ≋ !  Last night she made me bite the Human Assistant - hard! The danged little ... female dog!

There I was, politely bugging H.A. for supper. He started "playing" with me, down on the floor making stupid noises back at me and grabbing my paws and stuff.

It looked like Shu Shu was going to join in the play. Then she attacked me! H.A. was right there and was pulling us apart only I didn't know the fight was over.  CHOMP !

He's going to see if he can get his hand well without going to the emergency room this time. Wish him luck!

This afternoon Shu Shu was doing something, I don't know. Prancing around, maybe. Gremlin barked at her. She doesn't like rowdiness around her.

Shu Shu attacked Gremlin! Maybe it was like a Husky Roll, where you just have to jump on somedoggy to show them you can. Anyway, it was over fast. Gremlin rolled on her side and Shu Shu backed off.

Scared us all, though.

I'll tell you what - Shu Shu ain't no dainty little princess from Lady and the Tramp! She's turning into a controlling little ... female dog!

Later, I was eating an apple and I snarled at Shu Shu to stay away. She wasn't coming toward me or anything. And she was around 10 feet off. So I was just letting her know, y'know?

She froze, leaning toward me. Stubby tail straight back. Then she slowly started to take a step toward me....

What's her self-image, some kind of Pointer/Attacker ‽‽‽

I thought Cockers were "renowned for their friendly, faithful, playful, quiet and affectionate natures"!

The Human Assistant yelled  NO !  and she sat at his feet and looked up with big brown eyes and wagged that little tail....

GAAACK !  Fortunately H.A. wasn't fooled. He's smarter than he looks! Sometimes.

Go back up to the photo and look at the mouth on that other Cocker Spaniel. Isn't it a little too big for just quietly and obediently retrieving birdies?

Yeah. I think so too.

-- photo of English Cocker Spaniel from Wikipedia
No Animals Were Harmed® in writing this blog. Promise. Not in any of the actions described, either. Except the human animal, of course. Those are the breaks.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like you got rid of her just in time, T! She must've been acting all nice those first few days so you wouldn't get rid of her. I guess you showed her!!

I bet you feel bad for what happened to HA's hand, huh? Well, we will keep him in our wags and purrs. He'll be feeling better in no time!

Harley and the cats

Kapp pack said...

Sounds like it's high time for Shu Shu to go. Good job helping to convince the H.A. We have our paws crossed that his hand gets better soon! You can never trust those little dogs! (no offense to any of my blogging friends)

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

The Army of Four said...

There was a Cocker Spaniel who lived near us but he moved. We didn't know his name, so we called him Joe. You know ... Joe Cocker. HA roo roo roo. Thought you'd like that one. Anyroo, he was a NASTY guy! REALLY nasty!
That's great that Shu Shu got adopted.
Play bows,