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Monday, November 26, 2007

Sibe of the Month Club

The MaxFund shelter has another Siberian Husky now! The Human Assistant went there on Sunday. We have exclusive pictures of Sequoia!

They went to the car to get his walking stick and distance glasses. She jumped right in! Pushy little thing! When he didn't get in and drive, she got back out again.

photo 1447 of Sequoia photo 1450 of Sequoia
I'm in!
I'm getting out

Sequoia just arrived a few days ago. And she has to have that no-puppies operation. So she's not available for adoption yet. And so she doesn't have a link on MaxFund's dog page yet.

They went for a walk. Then they had to wait to get the exercise yard to themselves.

photo 1451 of Sequoia photo 1453 of Sequoia
Is that another dog?
It is another dog!
Let's go let's go!

Sequoia didn't get to mix with any other dogs that day. H.A. said the other volunteers all seemed kinda busy and in a hurry.

When they were in the yard, he unleashed her. She ran back and forth a few times and then sniffed around everywhere.

photo 1454 of Sequoia photo 1461 of Sequoia
To catch a rabbit,
run like a rabbit!
Ain't I dainty?

Can you tell she's a puppy? About 10 months old. She came from the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter. I guess she had been on their list too long.

Or they thought she'd get adopted easier at MaxFund, or something. But H.A. says there isn't any other info in her file.

Here are the other Sibes that have been at MaxFund just in the last few months! H.A. has volunteered there for over a year. They didn't have any Siberians until lately!

MaxFund shelter's Adam MaxFund shelter's photo of Payton
Adam's calendar photo Payton's MaxFund photo
MaxFund shelter's photo of Ringo MaxFund shelter's photo of Solo
Ringo's MaxFund photo Solo's MaxFund photo

It kinda seems like MaxFund became a Siberian Husky rescue group over the summer!  ::big Husky grin::  It's good to know that they're going to good homes!


-- photos of Adam, Payton, Ringo, and Solo by Nicole Howard


Anonymous said...

Nana says if she wasn't feeling so bad, she would've probably been at the MaxFund shelter today and coulda' helped your HA with Sequoia. But she has a bad toothache, she didn't even go to church! Just watched it on her 'puter. I liked that cuz I got to lay next to her under my special blankie on the couch!! That's fun, huh?

Woof you later!

Moriba said...

Thanks for writing this.