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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Payton the Paw

Payton and toy at MaxFund   Please,


Payton "the Paw"
    at The Max

A portrait inside "the Big Fence"

Holly made the Human Assistant remember that pure Alaskan Malamutes can't have blue eyes.

So he posted that on the forum for volunteers at the MaxFund shelter.

Then he found out they were considering an application for Payton from someone who has cats.

Holly had just commented about this on the Army of Four blog. So then he quoted Holly on the volunteer forum:

Holly:  Zim sits when he sees a cat? That's strange, we usually try to chase them.

H.A. was so steamed when he thought about the people who review the applications! They hadn't learned about Northern breeds even though he had tried a couple of times to give them information. He had to stop cussing before he started typing!

Anyway. He took this picture of Payton the same day he took the one we posted last time. He doesn't look so smiley in this one! (Payton, that is.)

Did anydoggy have to look twice to make sure Payton didn't have a real cat? That's kinda the effect the H.A. wanted. But he had already made the picture look "edgy" (his word) before he even thought about putting the cat caption on it.

Payton kept pacing around this fenced area. He was looking out and looking for a way out. H.A. tossed him a toy to see if he'd at least stand still.

In the picture it looks like Payton is guarding the toy. But he was just sniffing to see what it was. While keeping an eye on H.A. An instant later, Payton walked away from the toy.

He was in a fairly dark shadow. So to start with the image isn't as smooth as the other one. Contrast was low. H.A. overly made up for that, and presto! Payton is a yardbird-dog!

Or something like that.


Anonymous said...

Just found this info on Mals - maybe some are okay with cats - don't know about Payton.....(who is definitely a mix, I thought the hair was too long, good catch on the eyes - thanks Holly!!


always for the animals,
~sheri and the gang

Tucker said...

Thanks, Sheri! That's a good link!

The Human Assistant went to the page. That Mal does live with four cats. I wonder how many there used to be? ::big Husky smile::

There are stories on SIBERNET about Sibes killing cats they had lived with for years. But H.A. doesn't follow the world of Mals. So he hasn't seen any stories like that about them.

Payton's coat is very long! Maybe he is part Siberian cat!