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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two happy endings

Monday's weather was just how the Human Assistant likes it! Blue sky, cool air, warm sun. Tuesday morning's weather too.

Tuesday afternoon got cold, fast. It even snowed the tiniest bit in the evening.

Monday afternoon H.A. liked the weather but stayed indoors. Well, he did go help a friend with a computer. But they didn't do that outside!

Tuesday afternoon he didn't like the weather, but he worked in the yard. Of course I liked the cold, so I stayed outside with him. But, I mean ... who can figure humans out?

H.A. picked up all the apples that were on the ground. And there aren't many left on the tree. I'm afraid the days of lying around with an apple next to me are about over for this year.

Which was half the point of H.A. picking them up off the ground. (The other half is not wanting the neighbors to tell him the yard smells like vinegar.)

He thinks I may be more friendly to other dogs when I don't have an apple or three to guard. (Three was the most I ever had at one time.)

I don't know about that.

Holly, H.A. hasn't seen any Siberian Huskies in the area lately that are the right age or sex to bring here (except in an emergency).

See, he figures another male and I would get into fights. And he thinks a senior would be better for me and for our yard. A senior wouldn't bug me all the time like that darned puppy, Mystique. And wouldn't jump over our 4-foot fence.

Speaking of Mystique. When H.A. stopped working in the yard, he came in and surfed the net. Look what terrible thing he found! It must be Mystique's southern cousin!

dog named Radar dog named Mystique
Welsh Corgi and Blue Heeler
alleged Blue Heeler mix

I didn't understand Radar's story when the H.A. read it to me from itchmo. So he had to hunt down the articles.

First was the original story that was published Monday:
  • Family drops off dog with veterinarian and travels out of town;
  • Vet neuters dog and boards him for several weeks;
  • Family comes back to get dog from vet;
  • Dog doesn't act eager to leave;
  • Three days later dog jumps fence;
  • Dog travels one mile to vet's clinic;
  • Dog waits and waits outside clinic (it's Sunday);
  • Vet drives by clinic and sees dog;
  • Vet opens clinic;
  • Dog runs to crate and settles in;
  • Family says they'd been wanting to rehome dog;
  • Vet keeps dog as clinic pet.

  • So far, so good. Dog finds home he likes better. Everydoggy is happy. The end. Until the back story emerges....
  • Original story published the following Monday;
  • Another family sees story;
  • Mom recognizes their dog, missing 7 months;
  • Mom yells excitedly to dad;
  • (Kids are at school);
  • Mom calls clinic;
  • Mom goes to clinic;
  • Dog happy to see mom;
  • Dog goes home with mom;
  • Dad happy to see dog;
  • Kids come home from school;
  • Kids faint and hit heads on rocks;
  • Story published next day;
  • Story leaves out fainting because I made it up.

  • How about that? A story with two happy endings!

    And here's a third one. It's snowing for reals now.  Woo hoo!

    By the way. The Army of Four inspired me to put weather reports on the blog.

    Not that I'm a copy-dog or anything.  ::big Husky grin::   But the Human Assistant agreed it might be fun to play with the map thingies.

    The Ao4 shows weather in Archangelsk, a cold place in the northwest corner of Russia. Also Manhattan. Only it seems to be somewhere called Kansas.

    map of Chukchi Sea I show weather for where we live in Denver, which is in Colorado.

    [Is Colorado a state or a state of mind?  -- mr_ed]

    Also for Uelen, which is a cold place in the northeast corner of Russia.

    Uelen's in the Chukotka region of Russia.

    Which always comes up when humans talk about the history of Siberian Huskies.

    So I may write more about it. But not tonight.


    -- photo of Steve Walstad and Radar by T. Rob Brown, Joplin Globe.

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