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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What is a DOS?

My Human Assistant says about a hundred years ago personal computers didn't have disk drives. (Neither did canine-al computers.)

When computers evolved to have disk drives, their operating system had to evolve to become a Disk Operating System or DOS.

Long, long before THAT there were wolves.  Which had Wolf Operating Systems!  They evolved into the dog.  And we have a Dog Operating System.  The original DOS!

Tandy Model 100 computer One Laptop Per Child computer wolf One Laptop Per Child computer
Model 100
no DOS
has DOS
has WOS
has DOS

Lately, some computers come with no disk drive! But they still have to have a disk operating system because you can plug in disk drives. When you don't want the drive, you unplug it.

Dog Operating Systems do not work that way.  We have prey drives, and you can't unplug them!  Well, we are wolves after all. Especially us Siberian Huskies!  ::Big Husky Grin::

It doesn't occur to some people that handsome, fluffy dogs like us still like to chase other animals. And catch them. And ... play with them, maybe. After all, we are not from the "mighty hunting group" known as hounds. So why would we have a prey drive, right?  Wrong!

Irish Wolfhound smooth-coat Dachshund
Irish Wolfhound Dachshund

Do dogs with floppy ears have floppy drives? Maybe as an add-on feature for their DOS. Heh.

Chihuahua in bucket Okay, we may like to harass little dogs.

"Yappetizers," as some of our more cruel humans call them.  ::Big Husky Grin::

But this picture was obviously posted by a cat-lover!

Someone who loves cats who want to get revenge!

Well, dogs chase cats. It's part of nature. It's our ... all together now ... prey drive!

Zim, do you see what happens when you don't chase cats?

When they aren't put in their place?

They start thinking they can push dogs around! They take our jobs!!!

Here are pictures to help get your fighting spirit going! We must scare cats! Chase them into small spaces! And otherwise abuse them!

cat rejects spoon cat scared by woman
cat in pool table pocket cat on shelf of games
cat dressed as taco (may be manipulated) black and white cats in clotes dryer



1 The OLPC project started out as The $100 Computer. Now it's One Laptop Per Child. And it costs more like $200 now that you can get one.

And you can get one for a very short time - just until November 26! Which you can do by donating one to a child in a developing country.

They look like toys but have some very advanced features. This looks like a worthy project to me and the H.A.  Please check it out!

-- photo of Model 100 from Club 100
-- photo of OLPC computer from One Laptop Per Child
-- photos of wolf and dogs (except Chihuahua) from Wikipedia
-- loldog and lolcats from I Can Has Cheezburger?


The Army of Four said...

Well, yeah ... but if I do anything OTHER than stare at a cat, Stormy will kick my butt! Call it "survival instincts"!
Play bows,

The Army of Four said...

Tucker: I caught a mole once before I even realized what I was doing! Then I dropped it when Mom told me to before I realized what I was doing, too. Clash of the instincts!
I loved your "Floppy drives" joke! :)