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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey, Lucy!

I've spent the last week making sure that Payton the Paw does not come to my house.


Payton's adoption must have gone through on Friday or Saturday. But he didn't go to Ringo's home. The woman that I mentioned took him on a trial adoption. Probably to make sure he plays nice with her Husky mix-up.


The Human Assistant is still looking for another dog to bring home! He's thinking I might not mind a large, senior female type.

Just to show him that this doesn't give any dog an automatic pass, I rolled and pinned Gremlin today. And she's been with H.A. for more than 13 years!

I brought my mid-day apple into the house and plopped down in the dining room. She should've gotten up and given me more space. I'm sure she knew I was feeling cranky. When I finished my apple, I jumped on her. H.A. was mad at me because Gremlin was all crying and stuff. Well, hey. Welcome to a Husky household!

I mentioned Lucy here a couple of days ago. Her MaxFund picture is all sad-eyes like Payton's was. H.A. took some too:
Lucy at MaxFund Lucy rolling on the grass
Lucy lying on the grass Lucy romping
  Hey, Lucy!

Tell you what. She was surrendered for not getting along with other dogs.

H.A. says her family had her for quite a while before they decided that. More than a year, anyway. Why did it take so long to figure that out??? He's trying to find out if anyone at MaxFund heard something believable. Something besides, "she's 9 years old."

He thinks if I don't like her, I may like somedoggy else:

MaxFund dog Medusa MaxFund dog Gabby
at MaxFund
at MaxFund

You know, I kinda don't think so!

These dogs don't have enough fur to keep them warm when H.A. leaves the back door open for me. Which he will continue to do, of course, through the winter.

They also have no tails. Almost none. Like Gremlin! She is part Rotten. I mean, Rottie. So her first people cut off her tail while she was still a little puppy.

A man wanting a Rottie was at the shelter Sunday. And he wanted one for good reasons, not for like protecting him from police raids while he deals drugs.

So maybe H.A. will get lucky and the man will take both of these dogs! H.A. doubts it. He even says the man might adopt a Dobie instead.

I won't show Doobers right now because the ones at the shelter are only a year old. H.A. doesn't think that 13-year-old Gremlin and 9-year-old me would put up with one that young.

Anyway. We'll see what happens.

-- photos of Gabby and Medusa by Nicole Howard

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Holly said...

Aren't there any nice Huskies or Malamutes your H.A. can bring home?