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Sunday, November 11, 2007

DNF list

You may know about DNC lists and DNA lists.

"DNC" makes the Human Assistant think of Democratic National Conventions. Especially the 1968 DNC. And of the Chicago Eight.

There will be a Denver DNC. But that's next year. He has trouble thinking about next week!

And DNA lists, well.... Try Wikipedia for lists of projects that sequence genes.1  Animals are toward the bottom of the page. In case you want to check up on what it takes to make a cat or a nematode or a puffer fish.

But for most humans a DNC list is where you put your name saying DO NOT CALL !

And a DNA list is names of people where an animal shelter or rescue group says ≡ DO NOT ADOPT ≡ to these poor excuses for humans.

They may be irresponsible backyard breeders or animal abusers or sell animals for experiments. Rescue groups share these names because the people go to lots of different places to get animals.

I am starting a DNF list. But it's just for the Human Assistant.

Now that Shu Shu is gone he thinks he should bring more poor doggies here to take care of. And get in my way. And make me guard my apples.

I am strongly opposed to this idea!  No more!  We have had five foster dogs this year! That's about six too many (when you count his daughter's dog Zot)!

But as another volunteer at the MaxFund shelter said when H.A. brought home Shu Shu, I don't have that much control over what he does.

So at the very least I have a ≣ DO NOT FOSTER ! ≣ list.

It's okay for other people to foster these dogs. Just not the Human Assistant. (And probably not Minky's mom and dad. For sure not until we can get foster dog Tippy outta there!

There are two dogs on the DNF list so far. One is an Alaskan Malamute. (Like Hollybollybananafofanaboo!)

In the first place, Payton is a large male. We have one of those already thankyouverymuch.

In the second place, he is fraidy of the H.A.  Dog-dog issues are more than enough fear and loathing in Colorado.

I don't know which annoys me more. The happy face or the sad face. Both of them can just stay away!

photo of Payton by Ed MaxFund shelter's photo of Payton
Payton by mr_ed Payton's MaxFund photo
MaxFund's dog Braxton Zot the dog
Braxton's MaxFund photo Daughter's dog Zot

The second dog who can just stay away! is Braxton. He's male too. So that's a problem.

But look at his disturbing resemblance to Zot!

We finally figured out that Zot really wanted to be an only dog. It only took three trips to emergency rooms. Two of them for me.

[If you've never been in the middle of a dog fight inside a car, well, you just don't know what you're missing!  -- mr_ed]

So no more Braxton-Zots here.

Actually, the whole MaxFund zoo should just stay away. Especially now. They have kennel cough going around. A 13-year-old Gremlin and a 9-year-old former new monia patient don't need that!

But that's my ≣ Do Not Foster ! ≣ list for now.


1 That doesn't seem to mean that you wear Levis one day, Wranglers the next, and like that.

-- MaxFund photos by Nicole Howard


Kapp pack said...

I totally agree with you! We should have a DNF list too, we can't risk another annoying one joining the pack!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Holly said...

Wow, Payton is beautiful! I think he would make a good friend for you!

Who told you he was a Mal? Malamutes will NEVER have blue eyes, if they do, they are NOT pure Mal's. Maybe payton is a Sibe/Mal mix. That would be the only way he could have blue eyes.

I think he should come live with you permanantly!


Tucker said...

Hollybobollyboo, the Human Assistant told me. I've never met Payton. But now I remember hearing about Mals never having blue eyes.

I need to have a talk with H.A....

Ed. Mister Ed. said...

Ummm, yeah. "No Mals are blue" just slipped my mind, sorry! Someone at MaxFund decided he's a Mal, and I didn't think about it while taking pictures of those ice-blue peepers.

And he's only around 75 pounds. That's a shade small, isn't it Holly?

I honestly think I'd have to keep Tucker separated from a young male, though I've only had him with another Sibe for a few minutes. (Off-leash, and they ignored each other.)

But come to think of it, he did come from a foster home ... that was in a hurry to get him out because the top dog was bothered by him.

The other issue would be our fence - 4 feet high and nothing to prevent tunneling underneath.

Holly said...

Not all mals are as big as me (or Summit) and he might actually be more Sibe. I honestly don't see any Mal in him. Definitely mostly, if not all, Sibe. And 75 pounds is not too MUCH for a Sibe. Samuel is almost 80 pounds, and Abby is about 75 too. Depending on breeding, it's not unheard of to have a Sibe that big.

You could always give it a "test" foster and see how it goes. He is sooo gorgeous!

Keep me updated!!