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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Quick note - the Human Assistant and I feel much better about Ringo's adoption after he met with the man on Wednesday. More in a later post.

Now the Human Assistant tells me I've been here a whole year ... as of last Sunday!  ::big pout::

He did nothing to let me celebrate. So today I ate three apples in a row! (Plus maybe some he didn't see.  ::Big Husky Grin::)

Here's a video of me finishing up the last one. (It was getting to be suppertime, and I didn't want to stop in the middle of eating an apple to come inside for kibble.) Don't worry, it's only 14 seconds.

Congratulate the H.A. - this is the first time he tried the "movie" option on his digital camera. Eisenstein he ain't.

I'd think he would make a big deal out of remembering when I got here and not make me just eat apples by myself to celebrate!

Thanks to me he got his daughter finally to take her dog Zot! I helped him find homes for Poo-Poo, Sally, der Jägermeister, and Mystique.

Especially Jaeger and Mystique!

Double especially Jaeger! Big black dogs are hard to find homes for. And when they're fence-jumpers, well...!

I even went to MaxFund to meet Ringo off-leash. To make sure he could come here in case there was, dog forbid, some emergency at the shelter and he had to get out of there for a while. (We ignored each other.)

So I feel underappreciated. Here I am giving Gremlin and H.A. the benefit of all my Siberianness and helping clear out the extra dogs, and I get nothing.

Okay, I don't hang out in the same room with the H.A. like when I got here. But I was really sick then. My nose was really runny. And when a running dog's nose runs, humans can't keep up with it! And I coughed and sneezed and snorted and snorkled like crazy.

The rescue said I had "old-dog cough." My vet's x-rays said pneumonia and plam ... plum...  [pulmonary eosinophilic infiltration  --  mr_ed].

That. Plus stitched-up bite wounds and sunburned fur. And I'd been moved at least 6 times.

None of which I asked for! So, yeah, I was a little clingy at first. But he should be happy that now I'm lots more independent like a healthy Sibe.

Oh, and another thing! Helping Shu Shu get adopted! A Sibe's work is never done!

Oh. H.A. says we had green tripe with breakfast. That's true.

Can we have something else stinky tomorrow? Whaddayasay, boss? More tripe? Canned fish? That mush that has to sit and de-evaporate that I might be able to get my nose into when you're distracted? Huh, huh?

::Big Husky Grin::  He's smiling - I think that's good news for the nose!



The Army of Four said...

Happy belated Tuckaversary!!!! WOW, a whole YEAR! I really, really, REALLY think your HA owes you something really, really, REALLY wonderful. I'm thinking ... an entire smoked salmon. Really!
PS: Thank roo for the poem yesterday; I just loved it!

Minky, the Tippy-Hater said...

Yes, happy arriversary, Tucker, and congratulations on adopting out all those doggies!! I knew you and I both had that new-monia thing, but I didn't realize you'd arrived at your new home around the same time I arrived at mine!

I don't think anything special was done for my first arriversary, either; in fact, I don't think my H.A.s have a clear idea of the exact date I came home. But every day's a celebration of Minky Day around here, anyway.

Now, if there's anything you could do to help me get this little foster nuisance named Tippy outta here, I'd share treats with you for life!!

Kapp pack said...

Happy Adoption Day Anniversary! Sounds like today was a very good day for everyone!

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

diane said...

Poor Tucker! Your HA should make you some applesauce with those twelve varieties you have in the yard. Oh, and Happy Arrival-versary!

Holly said...

Happy anniversary!!!

You dad does a wonderful thing by helping find doggies new homes! My mom has done that a few times too, and sure makes her feel good!

You are very lucky to have such a great dad!


Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha-versary!!!!

lotsa love from the animals here ~
Harley (Woof!)
and all the meowers ~ Barney, Oliver and Rosey

and us peoples too!!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wooo! We are late, but happy Tucker-aniversary!!! We loved seeing the video of you! You are so lucky you have your own apple tree!