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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day of discovery

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days! The Human Assistant has had headaches and icky tummy again. I don't know what it is with him. He finds the energy to do some things during the day. Then when it's night he can't concentrate.


Before I get to the topic, could everydoggy please spare a thought for Shu Shu? She was spayed Tuesday.

The H.A. says this is major surgery even though it's routine. It went fine. H.A. will have to tie her down to keep her from jumping up on the couch. She wasn't hungry when she came home. I don't understand that!

She groans a little when she turns from lying on one side to lying on the other. Otherwise we think she's doing okay. We'd just like things to stay okay. Taking her to the clinic makes the H.A. take time away from paying attention to me!


On Monday the H.A. had a big Day of Discovery! Bigger than Columbus landing in the Americas. He didn't even know what hemisphere he was in!

The Human Assistant started his day by reading email. He discovered that Ringo's adoption is in danger of falling through.

At least, Ringo's new dad said he didn't know if it would work out. He said this on Sunday, two days after he got Ringo.

He found that the dog was difficult to train. The man was diligently trying to get Ringo to walk strictly at heel. By his side, not a bit in front of him. Something very good for obedient breeds to do!  Heh.

Then H.A. went to the MaxFund shelter. He discovered that the 600-word "memo" he wrote for them on what Sibe adopters need to know had disappeared into thin air.

At least, nobody said they'd seen it. And neither had Ringo's new dad. Obviously.

H.A. had hoped that the shelter's adoption counselors would read the thing to help them screen applicants. He put in there that somebody who doesn't have experience with Siberians should commit to learning about us really fast!

Even before the "memo," H.A. had written in Ringo's bio:
... we have to go to special homes where they know about our breed or are willing to learn!
Everyone should have seen this.

Can you tell that I'm upset about Ringo's adoption? So is the H.A. But he's contacted the new dad to see if he's willing to change his expectations and accept a normal, healthy, active Siberian for what he is.

Anyway. Then H.A. took Katrina-dog Pearl for a walk. He discovered that she can put her nose in his hand and lift it up, asking to be petted.

The top of Pearl's head, and her neck and shoulders, are touchy places on her. So this was a surprise!

He thinks he also discovered that she can play. He's pretty sure that she play bowed after mouthing his hand twice when their walk was over. In the year that he's visited Pearl off and on, he's never seen her act like a happy dog.

Well, except that recently she wags her stub when she sees him come to her kennel carrying a leash. I guess she barks at most people.

And except for sitting on his foot a couple of times in the last month. I've heard that this is a Rottweiler way to say that they are yours and you are theirs and don't move because they're standing guard for you.

Or something like that. I don't quite understand it. Sibes are a working breed, true. But we're not into possession and protection trips.

After the H.A. finished his walk, he discovered that it was the right front tire that had been planning to blow out on him. Not the left front, like he thought.

Then he discovered that he still didn't have a jack that was tall enough to get a new tire on the Cherokee. (Duh!)

And then he discovered that he didn't have that block of wood he uses to raise the jack just enough to barely slip a good tire onto the wheel. And then he discovered that he had enough magazines floating around the car to do the same job as the wood.

But wait! There's more!

He then discovered the can of citronella spray1 that had been missing for a couple of months. It got tossed way in the back and rolled under the spare tire.

Wow, was that a big day for the Human Assistant or what? And I had a discovery of my own ... a mouse in the kitchen!

At least, H.A. says it's a mouse. I haven't seen it. But its noise is making me crazy! I can't get to it, so I just go back in the garage and go back to sleep.


1 Formerly known as DirectStop. Webpages for it are hard to find. Here's a holster and a testimonial - from someone in Denver, even! The H.A. buys the stuff at PetCo.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Yikes Tucker - sorry that your HA has been sick. Oh, random question - how is Mystique doing???

Kapp pack said...

SO much going on for you. First things first, as you prob. know we help MaPaw sibe rescue....we hate when people send a dog back because they didn't "understand" us. Its so hard on the doggies the good news is eventually they find their pawfect furever homes. Sorry for getting on my soapbox but it frustrates me when people don't understand us!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann