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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Har. Har. ::scowl::

Tucker:  Amber told me that Sitka didn't say I looked like a beagle. She said that she said that I looked regal. I asked the Human Assistant why he told me that, and he said he didn't have his glasses on at the time.  ::snort::

So I asked him what regal meant. He said that reagles are big birds. The littlest reagles are four feet across! I'm just barely that long when I hold my tail straight out!

But this kind doesn't live in America. He said the reagles we have are seven feet to nine feet across!!! Their babies are called reaglets. H.A. said their nests are called rearies and can be really really huge!

When the Human Assistant left, Gremlin laughed at me. ::scowl:: She said he was pulling one of my legs, which I don't like. She said that Sitka wouldn't compare me to a bird. Gremlin doesn't know what reagles are. But she said that "even" Siberian Huskies, who think that cats and small dogs are prey, know the difference between birds and dogs.

Grrr.  Gremlin is right. But she laughed at me! And I think she insulted Sibes, too. I thanked her and said I'd put her picture in my blog. So here we are looking at the bowl of grapes I put in the last post:
Tucker checks bowl of grapes back view of Gremlin looking at bowl of grapes
This is her best side.  ::Big Husky Grin::

As for the Human "Assistant" ... he is not allowed to write in my blog anymore. No China, no birthdays, no football stuff. (He will still type for me, of course.) I set up a separate blog for him. I am still the boss of it. Heh heh. He wanted to make one for himself. But I got the internet address he wanted. So he'll use the one I created.

He tried to tell me that after writing his blog and typing mine he might not have time to feed dogs twice a day. I reminded him that he has a couple of bites that still aren't healed up completely. Hmmph.

We'll see what happens!

Also Amber said she thinks I have a dash on my tail. H.A. saw that too. He wanted to look closer. He wanted to pull my tail, which I don't like! I just know he did! I said no thank you and kept facing him.

Last night I was on the bed, lying on my side. He brought in a grooming rake and wanted to brush my tail and look for the dash. I kept lying on my side. He got some fur in his bed, but that's all. I'll look through other pictures of me and see if there's a better view.

I'll tell H.A. that we're supposed to get treats based on whether we have a dot or a dash. Since I might have a dash, dashes get more treats!

We'll see what happens!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Tucker.. I think your H.A. isn't wearing his glasses again.. tell him it is Regal - stately looking, magestic, handsome, one of a kind, royal - not an EAGLE! ha rooo!!!

Holly said...

Claw your human for trying to "pull" your leg!

Glad you are getting your blog all to yourself! It does say TUCKER talks back, not H.A. talks back! Ha roo roo roo!


Kapp pack said...

Tucker, I would be happy to interview you. Send your email addy to jmkapp at verizon dot net