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Monday, October 1, 2007

Disgrace in Denver

Tucker:  I have lots to talk about! If only I could type! The Human Assistant hogged the blog a few days ago. My blog! I thought he could take a turn and then we would be back to me. But he says he's been too tired. We have pictures of me in the yard. But it takes him hours to make pictures ready. So that will have to wait.

Instead we will talk about animal shelters. The good news is that H.A. didn't bring home any more dogs from the MaxFund shelter this weekend.

They had an adoptahon. I was afraid he would say all but two or three dogs had been adopted, so he brought the rest here. That just would not be good. I have had to put up with four foster dogs and his daughter's dog since I arrived. And Gremlin, of course. Thank dog they weren't here all at the same time!

But no. He did not bring home any more dogs. Or cats. That wouldn't have worked at all!

Now for the bad news. And it's very bad news. Stop reading now if you don't want to get mad.

Last week one of the other shelters in the Denver area was finally busted for doing lots of things wrong. So many things that it took two days to tell the story. And people that H.A. knows say that isn't even everything.

Here's a for-instance that isn't in the news stories. Colorado Humane Society's website claims it is rated four stars by Charity Navigator. That is CN's highest rating. But Colorado Humane Society has had only three stars the last two years.

(Maxfund, where H.A. volunteers, has been four-star for three years now.)

Itchmo picked up part two of the story. The comments include one from someone who says they're an employee. That person defends the shelter.

But there's worse news yet. You will find this next story to be sick, disgusting, and very hard to deal with. You should probably stop reading now.

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At the Denver animal shelter a volunteer has been accused of inappropriate behavior with a dog.

And you know ... that's all I want to say about shelters in the Denver area right now.

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