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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Picture magic

Tucker:  Here are more pictures from the garden. They are 10 days newer than the first set. But they are still two weeks old. The Human Assistant doesn't want to believe that two weeks have gone by. But I checked.

Mystique peering from doggie den Mystique lying down in doggie den
The first picture is Mystique peeking out from the doggie den in the bushes. She is standing up but hard to see. The first piece of picture magic is to make her easier to see. Just click on the picture and it gets bigger!

You can see Mystique better and you can see little plums. (The plums are on the ground and in the bushes. Mystique is only on the ground.) H.A. says the plums are ornamental, which means they taste bad. And he knows.

The second picture is Mystique lying down in the doggie den. It's dark in there! Compared to out in the sunshine anyway. And the picture didn't come out very well. Another one where you couldn't see her.

But H.A. did picture magic on the computer. It makes the picture look brown, but you can see Mystique. First her doggie tags. Then her shiny eyes. Then her ears standing up. Such big ears for a little doggie!

Tucker watching his apple Tucker looking into doggie den
There is no special magic in these two pictures. Except that I'm in them, of course!

This is another one from when H.A. took my "portrait." Sitka said I look like a beagle in that one. I didn't think so, but....  ::shrug::  In this one I'm keeping an eye or two on my apple.

And here I am looking to see what's so neat about the doggie den. (I still have my apple.) H.A. says about half of the eight doggies who have lived here in four years have used the den. I don't. I don't think Mystique did either. This is the only day I saw her in there.

grapes in sunshine grapes in shade
Here is more picture magic. The bowl of grapes are one color in the sun. And another color in the shade! Also they look kinda big. They weren't that big. H.A. just got real close. He said he used a wide angel on the camera lens. I thought angels were for Christmas trees! And I've never seen a wide one.  ::shrug::  H.A. has seen more Christmas angels than I have.

black berry thingies and grapes I don't see anything magical about this picture. (It's a little confusing though. The only grapes are near the bottom-right corner.) Anyway, H.A. says it shows the fascinating drama of the garden.  ::snort::

The bushes with the black berry thingies (which taste icky, he says) are expanding to the south. That's to the right. The grape vines are moving to the north. Here they meet. The perennial clash of the bush and the vine. Can they both survive?

H.A. says there used to be raspberries there. I think they're all gone now. The berrythingies and the grapes must have crowded them out. "Война и мир в саду," says H.A. - War and Peace in the garden.


The Army of Four said...

Hee hee hee! Sitka said, "regal," not a "beagle"! Hee hee hee!
I think I see a dash on your tail. You might want to check it out in the mirror!
We have something called an "ornamental pear tree" out front. Dave said the little fruits (smaller than grapes) are really tasty. He especially likes them once they've been smooshed on the sidewalk for a while and are fermented. He tries to snarf up EVERY one he sees! It drives Mom crazy. Zim said it's not a long road. ZIMMIE! (hee hee hee!)

Maddox said...

You are beautiful, same coloring as me. We would look so beautiful together! I love your picture of you in the snow. You look so...CUTE!!!

Shelby, who will probably never ever see that much snow. Sigh.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh look at those grapes!!! Yes, I said Regal, not beagle!!!