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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Komment ketchup

Minky, the Human Assistant emailed the questions to your mom! We'll watch your dogster page for the answers!

Holly, if I could be taste tester I would be sure to bring some home every day for my dogfriends like you!

Sky, thanks again for the questions! Say woo! to KA for me!

Maddox, please tell Shelby I will come up with some questions and have the H.A. post them on your blog for her!

And thanks for making sure Mystique hasn't come back!

We don't actually know how she's doing. Not that I care. But she was a cute little stinker. Not like in that picture up in the corner where she has her mouth closed. I never saw her with her mouth closed! Maybe she shut it when she was asleep. But that was the only time I could rest, too.

Her family's trial adoption was for around two weeks. It's been close to three weeks, so H.A. emailed them. But he hasn't got a reply. So he asked MaxFund to call them and find out what's up.

H.A. says I've been happier than he's ever seen me. I'm bouncier and more playful and talkative. And I've been here almost a year. Of course, I had a new monia when I got here. So I wasn't very happy then.

[Like Worf, he was not a Merry Man  -- mr_ed]

But this is the first time in all that time that nodoggy is here except who belongs here. So H.A. better not bring home anydoggy else!

Not only that. I have not felt too good the last two days. I hear that it's a bad allergy time. After my new monia and ummm ... [pulmonary eosinophilic infiltration  -- mr_ed] ... yeah, that, sometimes I sneeze and cough and stuff. Probably allergy thingies in the air make it worse.

And when I have this problem, other doggies really, really bug me. Tuesday Gremlin was just lying there. She was about five feet away from where I was lying. She wasn't doing anything, but she bugged me. I barked at her.

The Human Assistant said not to do that, so I waited a minute. Then I barked at her again. He told me to stop it! So I waited and barked again. H.A. got up and went outside to distract me, and it worked.

But one time when we went outside, Gremlin was too close behind me. I turned around and was starting a fight with her. But H.A. said to stop it! I wasn't really in the mood for a fight anyway. So I stopped it and we went outside.

Anyway. I don't want more dogs here. And H.A. thinks it wouldn't be good for them to be here either. He says Gremlin is no bother. If I can't get along with her, then there's no hope.

I know he thinks he may sneak one in here once the cold kills all the allergy thingies. Maybe another older doggie who just lies around all day. But that's pretty much what Gremlin and I do, too. So I don't think so. Unless it stayed in a crate or a closed room all the time. [Or Tucker did  -- mr_ed]

The Human Assistant is sad he can't bring more friends home. But I don't think it would work.

Diane (Kolfinna the Berserker), thanks for visiting! H.A. says Leif Erikson Day snuck up on him this year. But he'll be spreading the word next year! Come visit us again! I love visitors!

Time to rest my new monia. Which is getting pretty old. I hope that H.A. snuck me a pregnazone pill in the treats! I don't like pills, but he can hide it pretty well. And it does make me feel better.


Minky said...

Tucker, I hope your new monia will be an old monia soon, then a no monia!!

Tucker said...

The Human Assistant was reading about that stuff again last night. He says it sounds like I got ... [chronic eosinophilic pneumonia -- mr_ed] ... the dokker said I might always have to take pregnazone.