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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Adopted! Adopted!


The family that had Mystique on trial adoption from MaxFund finished adopting her yesterday!  YAAAAYYY !

I was very worried that she would come back here! The trial was supposed to be for two weeks. ("More or less," says the Human Assistant.) Today is three weeks. And H.A. emailed them a few days ago to ask how things were going, and he never heard back from them.

H.A. and the shelter people say the family is very nice. The one thing was that they don't have another dog for Mystique to play with. And she loves to play! H.A. put 16 pictures on her dogster page. In 14 she's with another dog. In 12 she's trying to play with that dog!

Jaeger looks fierce chasing Mystique This is my favorite picture of Mystique. It looks like Jaeger is being fierce and the puppy is scared. Heh! But she loved for him to chase her. She would bug him and then run. Again and again.

Anyway, the family said that they know lots of people with dogs, and Mystique will be able to play with them.

And now it's all official and everything!

Also, a few days ago the lady that trial-adopted der Jägermeister made his adoption final too!  YAAAAYYY !

(H.A. says he'll put more pictures of Jaeger on his dogster page, but it's too late tonight. He also better work on my dogster page! He has pictures of me now besides that one my foster mom took. And I've been here nearly a whole year!)

Jaeger is the dog that H.A. thought might come back. He's giving his new mom trouble about escaping from her back yard. H.A. thought Jaeger didn't escape from our yard except right at the last. Two days in a row Jaeger jumped the fence and ran around front when H.A. left the house. Jaeger wanted to go for a ride!

But a couple of days ago the next-door neighbor said he had seen Jaeger get out, too. I don't know how many times he did this. But neighbor said Jaeger jumped our fence to go from our back yard to the side yard between our houses. Then he jumped their fence to get in their back yard.

(There are lots of bushes in the way, so he didn't just go over the fence between our yards.)

Neighbor said then Jaeger ran laps around their back yard. Ran and ran and ran. They watched him. H.A. was very embarrassed! But neighbor said it was okay. They liked watching him. Then they told Jaeger to go home. And back he came! Over one fence. Over a second fence. Back in the back yard, with H.A. none the wiser!

Heh. He could almost have qualified as a Siberian Husky with that trick! Except for the obedience thing. I would have had to work with him on that. Labs!

Treeing Walker Coonhound But anyway. Jaeger's new mom wanted a friend for her dog Lila. She (the dog) is mostly a Treeing Walker Coonhound. I never heard of it either.

And I haven't met her. But H.A. says she's a pretty good size match for Jaeger. He's very tall! Taller than me.

H.A. says Jaeger stands 26" at the withers (at the base of his neck). Lila isn't as tall, he says. But not a shrimp. Which is good. Who wants shrimpy dogs?

(Just kidding, Princess Minky!  ::big Husky grin::)

Early on the mom said Lila adored Jaeger and followed him around. But Jaeger just wanted to explore and stuff.  [Sounds like an average guy and gal.  -- mr_ed]  After some time passed, the mom said she found them snuggling on the couch, snuggling on the bed.... Ish!

(Kat, I forgot to answer your question. No, I don't snuggle with H.A. Not even when he's feeling icky. Especially not when he's feeling icky! Who wants to be around people who feel icky?)

So now the alpha girl dog (according to her mom) has an alpha boy dog to keep her company while the mom's at work. That's much better than him being here and acting like he's afraid of me and not walk past me to get outside to do his business. And then standing next to me when we're all outside and getting me annoyed and stuff when I'm not feeling good.

So that's five doggies I've gotten out of the house: One every other month or so? Not bad work, I'd say! But the Human Assistant better not bring home any more!

-- photo of Treeing Walker Coonhound from Wikipedia


Minky said...

GRRRR! I mean, congratulations on adopting out so many dogs, Tucker!! We're voting for that nice Ringo to come home with your H.A. next!

We have an itty bitty dog here right now who makes me look humongous. He must be 3 pounds dripping wet. Mom's going to take him to a big Maxfund party of some kind, then bring him back here to spend the night. Just one night. Right, mom?

Kapp pack said...

Great news! It's pawsome when foster doggies find their furever homes!

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann