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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shu Shu is here

I thought the Human Assistant was going to lunch. He takes a long time for that. But he came back too soon for lunch, and he had this dog. Shu Shu, the Korean Cocker Spaniel. Or whatever....

Shu Shu checks crate Shu Shu pauses
"Yup, it's a crate." Shu Shu pawses

Sure, she doesn't have to stay in the crate. But H.A. keeps me in my crate while she strolls around the house checking things out. Gremlin just sniffed her back end and that was that.

Squirrel?  What Squirrel? "Just where are you going?"

Then H.A. let me out, and I had to investigate. Shu Shu sniffed my behind, which I don't allow. Then we were sniffing noses, and I was all stiff-legged, and this little dog growled and barked at me! She barked at me!

My ears shot up so high that they almost touched each other!

"Okay, just stay away from my apple." "Guess I told her!"

I guess Shu Shu's okay for now. She didn't want my apples. Even when the Human "Assistant" stole one and cut it up. (He gave me bites, of course.)

She didn't want to eat much of her supper, either. So I snuck over and started in on it. Darned H.A. - he saw me and shooed me away.

Shu Shu looked through the front window and barked at people on the sidewalk. So that's pretty good (unless she gets too yappy). She's on top of things. But she cries for her mommy. That will be a little hard.

H.A. says he asked the person he knows whether he should hold onto Shu Shu and wait for the other woman to leave her husband. Or him to leave her. Person #1 said that person #2 said that the husband has already threatened to do that a few times. And they've been married only a few months.

Human stuff is complicated. But H.A. was told to just go ahead and find Shu Shu a new home. Which will be good for me. I don't need any competition for attention!

So that's all for now.


Kapp pack said...

Poor Shu Shu! Be nice to her, she's had it rough! FInd her a new home where her humans will find her as valuable as the HA finds you :-)

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Minky said...

Awwww...Shu Shu is the cutest Korker Spaniel! Is she going to be fostered through our favorite local no-kill shelter? I'm sure you'll be very nice to your temporary sister, Tucker, or else I'll come over and you'll hear some barking!

Maddox said...

Tucker I think you are awesome for taking care of Shu Shu.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Shu Shu is cute!