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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alien invaders

And this time I don't mean Mystique!

The Human Assistant just caught up reading his SIBERNET email and learned that poor Shelby and Maddox have wormies. Eeew, stay away from them!  ::big Husky smile::  Just kidding, gang!

The vet thinks I had some kind of parasite when I got here. He never saw it. I got it at the rescue, probably. It was a strange-sounding explanation. But he said it was the right pattern of symptoms leading up to my new monia.

On SIBERNET they're also talking about giardia. Well, I've never mentioned Timber before. She was here before my time. But she must have lived on her own in the mountains for months. And when she was rescued she had two kinds of parasites. Giardia and some other creepy slithery thing. But she got treated for them before she came here to live with Gremlin and the H.A.

So parasites happen.

Time for a more fun topic!

My other posts haven't had links to Gremlin's dogster page. This is H.A.'s fault. It has to be because he does the typing. So he will go back and add links as he adds tags to the posts. (Only Blogger calls them labels.)

If you look at my dogster page you'll see H.A. finally put a bunch of photos on it. Some of them have been in the blog before because he had already cropped and tweaked them.

(I thought it was ears that got cropped. And tweaking sounds like something you do to tweaky toys. But that's what H.A. said.)

He says he has lots more pictures of me he can put on dogster. But they have to be cropped and tweaked first. And it looks like a ton of them show Mystique trying to play with me.  ::scowl::  They're from when she lived with H.A.'s buddy and we would go visit her.

I didn't mind her so much then. I played with her a little because it was just for a while and then we would go home. But H.A. took a gazillion pictures. I look pretty good in lots of them. But Mystique is also in them! And she looks just a little too darned cute! So the pictures shouldn't be on my dogster page!

(Okay, so Mystique really is an alien invader!)

Our dogster pages have links to each other. Like to Mutzger, who was here before anybody else but Gremlin. H.A. got puppy Mutzger and puppy Gremlin at the same time more than 13 years ago.

But anyway. All the other doggies that have lived with H.A. can be seen from my dogster page. There have been nine of us in just four years! I mentioned five in yesterday's blog. They were the guest doggies.

Plus Mutzger and Timber, and Gremlin and me. The H.A. was really surprised when he counted us all up. But now he's made sure that each of us has at least a few pictures on a page all our own.

Everydoggie should have a dogster page, I think!


Holly said...

My human should get me a dogster page, but she says my blog keeps me busy enough. Hrumpf! What does SHE know!


Tucker said...

I'll help you bug her! I don't think it takes much work after it's set up.

When she posts a picture on the blog, she can put it on dogster too real quick.

That way visitors have all the great photos of you in one place!

And you can link to your buddies there, too.

Kapp pack said...

Parasites are no fun.....my mom learned about the guinea worm that plagues people in Africa when she was at work this week......yuck!!!!!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann