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Monday, October 22, 2007

S'no joke

Saturday night it rained, Sunday morning it snowed. Not a whole lot. And lots of it melted pretty fast, leaving mud.

We don't get Oswald or his cousins in our yard. But in the first picture, I'm checking to be sure. The Human Assistant thinks that cats or 'coons might visit us sometimes. I'd better sleep in the garage more to keep them away!

Also, here's the cart that the H.A. uses to haul apples up the hill. I guess that makes it an apple cart. Why do people say, "Don't upset the apple cart?" I've marked on it. It doesn't get upset.

Remember the doggy den? It's there behind the cart. It looks like it might be snug in weather like this. But the back is chain-link fence. I think the wind would blow through.

The garage is better, really. Or the kitchen. In either place I can block Gremlin from getting out. Yesterday she peed by the front door three or four times and the H.A. ran out of paper towels and clean regular towels.

Sunday he kept the back door closed so the furnace could run. I got too warm a lot and wanted out. Gremlin wanted out a lot too. H.A. had a hard time concentrating on his computer.  ::Big Husky Grin::  I'll bet we get a doggy door this winter.

Nothing Yard cart in snow at 11:43 a.m.

In the next group are the same dead sunflowers that I was looking under. Just a little different direction and an hour and a half later. The sun is out, yes. But yesterday H.A. sat here in warmer sunshine reading Red Square. Another Martin Cruz Smith Arkady Renko novel.

I've been sorta good and not chewed any of them up. Tiny Terror Tippy, the paper fiber is good for you so keep it up! But even with excellent humans like you have, don't push it too far. I think Maddox crossed over the line!

Be careful! In a little over a week it'll be one year since I got here. I'm trying to make sure the H.A. doesn't have any really, really good excuses to get rid of me! Maddox has a good home, so I think he's safe. You probably are too ... if you don't get Minky too upset.

Warm yesterday, chilly today Yard cart in less snow at 1:04 p.m.

The wet snow really bent down the branches of the apple tree. It still has apples on it. And under it. And no snow on the ground under the tree, so we picked up apples. (H.A. moved one so it was next to the cart. I don't know why.)

Gremlin and I made the H.A. share the ones he cut up for himself. But I had to have my own apple, too. Then he told me I had to come inside so he could shut the door. Usually he leaves the door open and I leave the apple outside. This time I brought it with me. I wasn't ready to eat it just yet. But I had to keep it close so Gremlin couldn't sneak out and take it.

She's never tried to take my apple. I've heard that vigilance is the price of peas. Well, apples too.

Tucker curls up with an apple for later Yard cart in still less snow at 2:51 p.m.

By the way, I'm not trying to grow extra freckles to compete with "Pickle Nose" Dave. I just brought in some extra mud and hadn't wiped it off yet.

The Human Assistant didn't put a time on this picture of me because he says it's "timeless, like his humor."

He's reading Havana Bay now. I'm thinking the next book in the series, Wolves Eat Dogs, needs to be changed slightly to Dogs Eat Books.

Just thinking about it, is all.


Kapp pack said...

OH MY DOGNESS!!!! You have SNOW!!!!!!! I am so jealous....this just isn't fair. I'm packing my bags and checking on flights to Colorado!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Tucker said...

K.A., you'd better wait. The sun is bright today, and the snow is already almost all gone.

Here's how it works: It has to snow once before Howloweenies. The ground is warm and the sun is warm and it goes away real fast.

But it has to snow once before Howloweenies so the humans can mutter about it snowing on Howloweenies. The humans who have kids, anyway. Or had kids. Or were kids.

They say, "Yup, yup, it's gonna snow on Howloweenies just like every year!"

Then the humans on the TV say, "Nope, nope, it only snows on Howloweenies once every four years!"

Even though the weather is pretty sure gonna be crummy for that night, the TV humans really enjoy saying that.

They gotta have their fun since they're stuck inside the TV box like that.

diane said...

Tucker, you are certainly in your element in that first picture! I wish it would snow here, too.