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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Minky's interview

Princess Minky lived for a while at the MaxFund no-kill animal shelter. Her mom does volunteer work there, and her name is Tami. I haven't met Minky, but the Human Assistant knows Tami.

Minky asked me to interview her. And she said it was okay to post the interview here. So here ya go, Punkin! Let the Pomeranian speak!
Tucker:  1. As the shortest member of your family, what do you see that others miss?

Minky:  I see a lot of carpet lint, of course, as well as places where I've stealth-peed that no one has found and OxiCleaned yet.   Miss Minky the Pomeranian Dad tries to keep up with me by steam-cleaning the carpet every couple of weeks, but I can outsmart him easily!  I'm not spayed (I was found that way by Maxfund a year ago, and my vet says I'm too old and frail to go through the procedure), so I just haven't been able to break my marking habit, especially around "those times of the year."  I also like to pee in my crate, or on any available dog bed, even though I'm taken outside numerous times daily.  My humans don't like it, but I say, "deal with it!"

Tucker:  2. What will you wear for Halloween?

Minky:  Mom doesn't think I remember this ... but a few weeks ago, she tried a ladybug costume on me.  Horrors!  I think she's going to put me in it for Halloween.  She'll probably take pics this weekend and post them here.  That has been the scene of many a humiliation for me!!

Tucker:  3. Do you like to dance when you're dressed up?

Minky:  I do not like to dance when I'm dressed up. I strike a pose when I'm in costume. I dance when I'm happy or excited, like when I see I'm about to go for a walk. That's when I do the Minky-dance: tilt my pretty little head, play-stance, bark, pirouette, bark, play-stance, bark, pirouette, and bark!

Tucker:  4. It's not well-known that the Siberian Husky breed has a high prey drive. Some of our owners call small dogs "yappetizers," especially when the little one is off-leash in public. Have you had any close calls with big dogs?

Copper, now at the Rainbow Bridge Minky:  I'm well aware that some of the attention I draw is not based on my extreme cuteness, but rather, my potential tastiness as a snack. I'm never off-leash in public, though, unless I'm sitting in the kangaroo pouch that dad sometimes slings around his neck. This summer, Slappy/Copper, a 65 lb. lab-shepherd type, came to live with me and my two brothers. He gave me an opportunity to exercise my defensive skills, although he seemed more interested in sniffing me than in eating me, thank dog! Although I was 1/10th his size, I showed him who was boss in our household with growls, hissing, and a few actual attacks. Of course, I only have one tooth, so I'm not able to do any real damage. With Tucker and other smart doggies of the Siberian persuasian, I'm not sure my posturing and bluffing would work. I'll depend on my mom to scoop me up and protect me if I ever meet any of you!

Tucker:  5. If you had to have a celebrity mom, would it be Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie?

Minky:  Well, there's room for only one shallow, self-absorbed celebutante with an eating disorder in this house, and that's me!! But if I had to choose between the two, it would be Nicole Ritchie. I've seen them both on TV, and Paris is like a container made of a cheap, shiny plastic with nothing inside. I read that when she was a kid, she said she wanted to be a veterinarian, but later, said that she could just buy a lot of animals. Grrrrrr, hissss!
Tucker:  H.A., I'm not sure you should have that picture of Minky here. You stole it from her dogster page.

mr_ed:  I didn't steal it! It's still there - go see for yourself!

Tucker:  Okay, well, you borrowed it.

mr_ed:  I linked to it.

Tucker:  Whatever.

mr_ed:  I think it'll be okay. I have Nikki's permission to use pictures she takes for MaxFund.

This one is from Maxfund's Lucky Mutt Strut, like it says on Minky's dogster page. And Nikki used the photo in Denver's Luckiest Mutts calendar contest, and the calendar raises money for MaxFund. (By the way, Minky, I voted for you guys! I think the seniors that get adopted are the luckiest of all!)

But I'll tell you what. I'll let Nikki know that the photo's here, and if she or Minky or Tami don't want it shown, we'll pull it down.

Tucker:  Okay. Then it must be time for supper.

mr_ed:  I'm hungry too. Give me a few minutes to tweak the format here, and I'll get right on that.

-- photos of Copper and Minky by Nicole Howard

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Minky said...

Hi, Tucker! Thanks to you and your H.A. for posting my interview!

You're a great interviewer, Tucker - the Larry King of Siberians!