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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Around the house

mr_ed:  Before you start, I'd like to send out a couple of October 2nd "Happy Birthday"s.
Tucker:  ::snort::
mr_ed:  Best wishes to Nat Turner, Paul von Hindenburg, William Ramsay, Mahatma Gandhi, and Groucho Marx!
Tucker:  All right then.
mr_ed:  Also "Spanky" McFarland, Johnnie Cochran, Rex Reed, Avery Brooks, and Donna Karan.
Tucker:  Done?
mr_ed:  No, nobody named Dunn. But Annie Leibovitz, Sting, and Tiffany.
Tucker:  Isn't it time for treats?
mr_ed:  Ooh, yeah, I'm hungry. Be right back. Handsome Tucker
Tucker:  Here I am striking a pose. I don't know what got into me. Fortunately the rest of the picture is crummy. So the Human Assistant won't be showing it around.

There's a food bowl on a white bucket behind me. He put grapes in the bowl to take some kind of dopey picture. Then I came over. He wanted a picture of me poking my nose in it like other Sibes do when a package comes for them.

But it had no treats in it! Why would I stick my nose in there? Instead I lay down in the shade with my apple.

You can't see the apple very well. But it was a good one. These days I almost always have an apple with me. H.A. picked up most of them. He said the neighbors would complain about our yard smelling like vinegar. But there are still lots of apples. And more falling down every day!

When H.A. walks by me he always says "Oh, you have a nice apple there!" But when Gremlin comes near I have to growl and bark at her to keep her away from it. Then a couple of days ago H.A. said, "That's a really nice apple!" And he took it!

And he washed it and ate it! I was so shocked! Gremlin and I stood in the kitchen and watched him cut out the bad parts and start to eat it. He gave in and gave us little pieces of it.

Later, he was lying down and I took a book outside and chewed it apart. He was pretty annoyed when he found it! He said, "Why'd you do that? There are lots of apples for you!" Well, there are lots of books for him, too.

He thinks he's such an alpha. I'm pretty sure that he took another apple from me the next day. After he walked by I looked around for it. I stood up. It didn't roll under me. I looked some more, right where I was pretty sure that it was. But no apple. Hmmmph.

A couple of times I've been relaxing in the garage with an apple. And he picks it up and rolls it out into the yard. I go get it and bring it back, but he's in the way. I can't get back in the garage so I drop the apple.

He picks it up again and rolls it away again. This happens about three times and then I wander off.

I don't know why he's trying to confuse me and annoy me. When he rolls the apple away he calls it a fetch. I thought maybe a moving apple was a fetch. I don't know. I've only been here 11 months.

But no. When an apple falls out of the tree he doesn't call it a fetch. When he rolls one and I chase it down he says, "Good boy!" But he always says I'm a good boy. So I don't know what's going on with him.

Now that the weather is cooler I'm spending more nighttime in the garage. H.A. would like dogs in bed with him, but oh well. Now that puppy is gone I nap on the bed a little in the daytime. Just to make sure that I know when he gets dressed to leave the house.

But nighttime in the garage. I'm in Gremlin's way just as much there as in the kitchen, so it's okay. She looks out the door and sees me and then pees in the living room. H.A. doesn't like that very much.

Oh well. We all have our burdens to bear.


Anonymous said...

Tucker, you really are a stinker. But you crack me up, so I guess it'sokay!!! I can hardly wait to meet you some day, but youhave to promise not to eat my dog, okay???

The Army of Four said...

Ooooh, what a very nice picture, Tucker! You look incredibly handsome!
I only like apples if Mom peels them for me. :) I've got her RIGHT where I want her.
The book thing made perfect sense to me!
PS: It's Indy's birthday, too!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Tucker... You are so lucky that you get apples when you want them. I love the photo of you! You look very regal!

Kapp pack said...

Yeah, I've never figured out what the fetch thing is either. Be careful not to eat those grapes!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann