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Thursday, October 25, 2007

No new animals yet

photo of deer Tuesday I almost had a cow, but Wednesday I didn't even get close to a deer. The Human Assistant saw one, though.

A friend of his came to the house. They've known each other for 46 years. I was happy we had a visitor and jumped around and talked to him!

But they left Gremlin and me and went to a park! Without dogs!

The thing is, they went to a memorial service. It was for the mom of another friend they've both known for 46 years. So dogs wouldn't have been respectful. Plus, no pets allowed in the state park. While they were sitting there in the park, friend #1 says, "See the deer?"

The H.A. looked and looked in the trees. Then he saw its white behind move. Yup, there's the deer. If he had a good dog nose it wouldn't have taken him that long to find it.

It was a beautiful day even if I had to spend the afternoon inside in a crate. Friend #2's mom would have loved the day, H.A. said. She was a hiker, skier, snowshoe-er, and wildflower encyclopedia.

There are tiny patches of snow in the shady spots here at the house. And there were in the park, too. Little spots of white. Deep blue sky. Tall red rocks and yellow cottonwoods and red oaks.

It's hard for a doggie to describe. We don't get the months of deep snow like where Siberian Huskies come from. (Obvioiusly, since our snow of a few days ago is already gone.) And H.A. says it's bushier and flower-ier where there's more rain.

This is where the high prairie meets the foothills. The fall air is cool and the sun is warm. Want to sunbathe? Want to trot around the yard without getting muddy? Want to pick up an apple and chew on it in the garage? All good. Especially since a day like this makes the humans happy.

And dog knows, that makes a dog's life easier!


photo of English Cocker Spaniel photo of Golden Retrievers
English Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever

No Shu Shu yet. The communications from Human Assistant to other person to third person didn't get through in time for it to happen on Wednesday. So, Thursday.

But H.A. said he saw a picture of Shu Shu. It was on a cell phone. A fourth person's cell phone. With all these people, why doesn't she have someplace to go besides my home?  ::sheesh::

Anyway, he says the picture was teeny tiny.1 But she looked kinda Golden Retrieverish to him. With Spaniel ears for sure. Color kinda between the English Cocker in the left picture and the Goldie on the left in the right picture.

But it was a teeny tiny picture. And H.A. doesn't know anything about those breeds, anyway. So it don't mean a thing.2

Minky & Bros., H.A. doesn't know the person with the dog. But he'll mention it to the person who knows the person with the dog. Does it take time for the woman to realize this about a man? They must have married not long ago.

I gotta rest up now in case we get a four-footed visitor.

1 Kinda like Pomeranians.  ::big husky grin::
2 If it ain't got that swing.

-- photos from Wikipedia

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Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow - I have never seen a deer - though my mom says that I often hop like one!!!