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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shu Shu is official

The Human Assistant went to the MaxFund shelter Saturday. Ringo was finally adopted.  YAY!!!  So H.A. can't threaten to bring him home anymore.
Ringo's first photo at MaxFund shelter Pearl at MaxFund shelter Ringo's second photo at MaxFund shelter
"old" Ringo Pearl Ringo again

Of course Ringo would be over our fence and down the street in a flash if he was left in our yard unsupervised. So it would have taken lots of rearrangement to have him here.

Nikki the photographer was there. They took new pictures of Pearl. A kinder, gentler Pearl with a woman hugging her. They hope this will encourage people to adopt this Katrina victim who's been in a shelter too long!

Even at the shelter people have been afraid of Pearl. She did have behavior issues on top of health problems when she came from New Orleans. But nobody knows how Pearl would do with other dogs. H.A. just happened to have Shu Shu along....

So while one volunteer was holding Pearl's leash, H.A. held Shu Shu so they could sniff noses. H.A. says Pearl was kinda friendly, actually. He's pretty sure she recognized him. Pearl seems to like H.A. ... I'd better not hear any mumbling about bringing her here!

Anyway. He took Shu Shu to MaxFund to see if they would take responsibility for her. There's no room for another dog at the shelter. But he said we would foster her if they'd just take her on.

Shu Shu checks out a plant Shu Shu lies in a kitchen corner Shu Shu checks out a dead sunflower stalk

The H.A. was counting on MaxFund to accept Shu Shu. Fortunately, they did! So she's officially a MaxFund dog now. He filled out MaxFund paperwork, and Nikki took a MaxFund picture, and Shu Shu got a MaxFund tag and shots and next week will get a MaxFund microchip and spaying. (At the MaxFund clinic).

I'll post Pearl's and Shu Shu's new pictures when they're ready. Meanwhile, H.A. spent lots of time trying to make a few more of his own presentable. They aren't very good. But since he put the work into them he insists that they be posted.

They're also all on Shu Shu's dogster page. He's going to try to fix a couple of them so they look better.  ::shrug::  She's just some little flop-ear, for dogness' sake.

So that's all for now.

-- photos of Pearl and Ringo by Nicole Howard


Holly said...

Oh good! Now all they need is their furever homes!!!


IndyPindy said...

Great news! Wow, Ringo is gorgeous, and whata cool name!

You are strange for wanting to see the gross pics, but here they are: http://www.flickr.com/photos/techlily/1801557802/

Kapp pack said...

THat's so great of you and your H.A. to help other doggies. It's too bad Pearl has been in a shelter so long....but really good she's still there and not the unspeakable supposed alternative.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann