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Monday, August 20, 2007

Wrong time, wrong place

Tucker:  Can't you read?
mr_ed:  Usually.
Tucker:  But you took Jaeger on the wrong day.
mr_ed:  That I did. Her emails said "Monday," and I saw "Sunday." But I'm pretty sure that I went to the right place.
Tucker:  But he got an extra ride.  ::pout::
mr_ed:  True, I suppose. But you got a ride you didn't need on Saturday. And the vet's receptionist gave you treats.
Tucker:  And I didn't get a shot or anything.
mr_ed:  Nope.
Tucker:  It would be funny if you took puppy instead of Jaeger.
mr_ed:  ::smile::  The woman might notice that Mystique doesn't weigh 55 pounds. Maybe I could take both of them. But it's supposed to be Jaeger and Lila meeting without other distractions.
Tucker:  Is puppy going away yet?
mr_ed:  Her human said he isn't keeping her, so we can start on finding her a new home.
Tucker:  Good. Why were you out so late tonight?
mr_ed:  Ehhh, long story. The police thought I was buying drugs, and four or five of them wanted to chat with me about it.
Tucker:  Was it scary?
mr_ed:  No, just kinda tiresome that they didn't want to believe me. There was a moment when they wondered why I had "mace" in my pocket.
Tucker:  You told them it wasn't?
mr_ed:  Yeah, I told them it was citronella spray to break up my dogs. I guess having leashes and dog food in the back seat helped them with that one.
Tucker:  I don't see the spray now. Where is it?
mr_ed:  They said they tossed it in the back seat. They didn't say whose back seat, and I didn't see it. Maybe when the sun is out I'll find it. Meantime, don't start any fights.
Tucker:  Me?
mr_ed:  Okay, don't get into any fights. Until I can find it or buy some more.
Tucker:  Me?
mr_ed:  Well I'm not the one with the hole healing up on his nose.
Tucker:  That's Jaeger.
mr_ed:  And...?
Tucker:  Puppy.
mr_ed:  Hers is all healed. And I'm not talking about Gremlin. So who does that leave? Who has a pink flesh-colored spot next to his liver-colored nose?
Tucker:  That's not fair! Everydoggy else has black noses.
mr_ed:  If the shoe fits....
Tucker:  Chew it? That's what puppy does. Even when the shoe doesn't fit her.
mr_ed:  ::sigh::  True. Too much to worry about tonight. I'll try to remember to put my boots up someplace so she can't take the insoles out, but I'm pretty tired and need to go to bed now.
Tucker:  You haven't given us our bedtime treats yet.
mr_ed:  I remember giving Gremlin her medicine wrapped in sliced turkey - you wouldn't have missed out on that.
Tucker:  Musta missed it, musta missed it, musta missed it.
mr_ed:  I'm not that asleep, and neither were you. Go to bed now.
Tucker:  Okay.
mr_ed:  Okay. Good night.
Tucker:  I'm going to dream about turkey slices.
mr_ed:  You won't be hungry for breakfast.
Tucker:  Dream on!
mr_ed:  Ciao!
Tucker:  Chow!

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Minky said...

I'm glad Puppy gets to stay with you, Tucker, but you're probably not!

Wow, an encounter with law enforcement - how exciting! Did that go down like on Cops, Mr. Ed?