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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Comings and goings

Tucker:  Did you go to the shelter today?
mr_ed:  Sure did. I went to see Bo the coonhound, but he's already been adopted!
Tucker:  Good. Too many dogs here already. So who did you smell like when you got home?

mr_ed:  The deaf and blind puppies, Helen and Tommy.
Tucker:  No puppies! No deaf and blind! They would bump into me all the time.
mr_ed:  Actually, I know Helen can hear a little, and she might be able to see a little too. And how could they miss the scent of your handsome Huskiness?
Tucker:  Well.... No puppies.

mr_ed:  Awww ... you like Mystique. Admit it!
Tucker:  That isn't our yard. That was before she came to live here. And bother me all the time. And I'm scowling. See?
mr_ed:  Sure.
Tucker:  You sent her away. Why is she back now?
mr_ed:  Her human can't take care of her for a few days.
Tucker:  A few days. And then she's gone?
mr_ed:  We'll see. Maybe a few days and you'll be playing with her - who knows?
Tucker:  ::scowl::
mr_ed:  Did you see Jaeger wagging his tail when Mystique came in and jumped on him right away? He was happy to see her! And she jumps on him all the time. Chews his ears, bites his tail. Actually, she's doing less of that now. Growing up, I think. Anyway, it wouldn't hurt you to play with her a little.
Tucker:  Gremlin doesn't.
mr_ed:  Gremlin's older than you are, and she's not one of those playful Siberians that we hear about so much.
Tucker:  I'm not either.  ::scowl::  See?  ::scowl::
mr_ed:  Tomorrow Jaeger is meeting someone who might adopt him.
Tucker:  That would be good.
mr_ed:  Maybe. If Mystique's Uncle Jaeger leaves, she might start jumping all over Uncle Tucker!
Tucker:  Woooo is me. And her!
mr_ed:  We'll see what happens. I need to hurry to bed so I'll be awake to take Jaeger to meet Lila and her human.
Tucker:  I will wake you up.
mr_ed:  Good. Thank you!
Tucker:  Thank you !
mr_ed:  I thank you more.
Tucker:  I thank you even more.
mr_ed:  More than that!
Tucker:  The most in the whole world!
mr_ed:  Whew! That's a lot! See you in the morning, then!

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Holly said...

OOhhh, I hope Jaeger finds a good home!

And, you know you will miss him when he's gone!