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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Soon, only two

mr_ed:  Last night's blog was a fiasco. It was late and I just wanted to write a little bit, and instead it took me ... I'm not even going to say because nobody would believe me except you, and you can't tell time.
Tucker:  I know you got started late. Because you came home late. Again. Why?
mr_ed:  You may remember that you and Jaeger gave me multiple bite wounds. The last four nights I've been at the emergency room getting antibiotics dribbled into my arm.
Tucker:  I've had to do that too, you know.
mr_ed:  But not because I bit you!
Tucker:  Gripe, gripe, gripe. At least Jaeger's gone.
mr_ed:  Yes, I took him to the MaxFund shelter on Saturday, and they approved Lisa and Lila's application, and I went back on Sunday to say good-bye and see him off to his new home.
Tucker:  You took puppy that day, too.

mr_ed:  Yes, I took Mystique to the shelter that day and left her.
Tucker:  That was a nice, quiet night!
mr_ed:  You looked more relaxed, but I sure wasn't. The poor little thing has spent the last seven months running in a yard and sleeping on a bed and having company all day. I just couldn't leave her in a kennel in a noisy shelter.
Tucker:  ::snort::  So she's going to stay here?
mr_ed:  Just until we find a home for her. MaxFund will list her on their website, and people who fall in love with her beautiful, smart cuteness will contact us to meet her.

Tucker:  She's bugging me right now.
mr_ed:  But she's doing it cutely.
Tucker:  ::snarl::
mr_ed:  Do you need a pill?
Tucker:  Treat.
mr_ed:  Okay, then it's off to beddie-bye for all of us.
Tucker:  No pill, just treat.
mr_ed:  No promises, just what I think's best.
Tucker:  ::sigh::  Why do dogs have to depend on humans?
mr_ed:  Dunno, bunky. How's peanut butter sound?
Tucker:  It sounds like a jar opening.
mr_ed:  Let's go check.

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