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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My mind's a car - a Rambler

mr_ed:  My brain is mush.
Tucker:  To start the team you say Hike!  Not Mush!
mr_ed:  How about Hush!
Tucker:  ::snort::  It's my blog.
mr_ed:  There's interesting news....
Tucker:  So you say.
mr_ed:  ... but I spent too much time researching and writing in other places. I figured I'd maybe just copy that stuff over here. Then I figured, even better, I'd summarize it here. Then I realized even that would take a couple of hours, and I'm not up for it.
Tucker:  ::yawn::  I'm not up for long myself.
mr_ed:  A few days ago I couldn't find my can of DirectStop citronella spray.
Tucker:  I didn't do it.
mr_ed:  I found the puppy chewing on it.
Tucker:  See?
mr_ed:  The cap that holds the trigger assembly was destroyed, the trigger was missing altogether, and she was chewing on the little tube that comes up out of the can. You and Jaeger seem to need this stuff to keep from tearing each other up.
Tucker:  Dumb Jaeger.
mr_ed:  So I went to the store to get another one, only they've changed it. Its new name is SprayShield. Different formulation, maybe. Different trigger that may be safer but takes just a little longer to get into action. I know because, of course, I had to use it that night.
Tucker:  Dumb Jaeger.
mr_ed:  How's your nose feel?
Tucker:  A little owie.
mr_ed:  So is Jaeger's, I think. Anyway, apparently I lost it the next day. And that was the only can at that store, so I went to another store and got their only can. And the clip that was stuck to the side of the can immediately came off.
Tucker:  They don't make things like they used to. You should just get rid of Jaeger and puppy. Then you won't need spray.
mr_ed:  Well, I'm really upset about that. Mystique's human got home Friday night.
Tucker:  So why is she still here?
mr_ed:  It was late and he wanted to get right to sleep so he could go to work in the morning, so I said that of course we could keep her another night.
Tucker:  So why is she still here?
mr_ed:  Because he didn't call, and the people at his job said he hadn't come in to work after all. I don't know whether he's sick or injured or acting just a wee bit irresponsibly.
Tucker:  Like puppy.
mr_ed:  Well, gee.
Tucker:  Gee is to turn right. Haw is to turn left.
mr_ed:  Like you know anything about pulling a sled. Anyway, puppy still has a puppy brain - her human is a fully-grown adult. You expect different amounts of maturity from them.
Tucker:  I s'pose.
mr_ed:  Not that old age excuses crankiness.
Tucker:  You talkin' to me?
mr_ed:  Do you feel lucky, punk?
Tucker:  I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.
mr_ed:  Hey soldier, do you know who's in command here?
Tucker:  Ain't you?
mr_ed:  Time to go back to sleep. If I had raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon, my brain would be genuine organic oatmeal.
Tucker:  Treat first?
mr_ed:  Breakfast when I wake up again.
Tucker:  ::big Husky grin::


Minky said...

Well, that is bothersome. Hope everything's okay with Mystique's human - maybe he just overslept?

I enjoy a little organic Kashi in the morning, but I wouldn't mind oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins, either.


Holly said...

Hope everything is ok with the human!

My human just uses a spray bottle of water for us. I don't think the citronella would be very nice either!


Minky said...

On second thought, I guess the raisins would kill me, so let's leave those out. Some cheeseburger chunks would be fine with that oatmeal, though.