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Friday, August 31, 2007

I don't need this

mr_ed:  I was downstairs mucking with the laundry tonight, and when I came up I saw that somedoggy had barfed in the kitchen, the dining room, and just outside the garage.
Tucker:  I don't feel so good.
mr_ed:  Yes, and then I saw you barf in the living room. And you're drinking lots of water. Hey! Don't slap your muddy paws in the water bowl!
Tucker:  Don't yell at me. I feel icky.
mr_ed:  So don't take food from the neighbors. That's what you did, right? I saw pieces of steak and some vegetables, I think. Did you get that from the same neighbors who gave you guys the nice sharp leftover t-bones to chew on?
Tucker:  Wooo  I don't know.
mr_ed:  Hey, neighbors! Don't feed my dogs! They don't need it, I don't need it.

geese in suburbs
mr_ed:  Former Communist folk singer Pete Seeger, 88 years old, has written an anti-Stalin blues song.
Tucker:  Who?
mr_ed:  Who, who?
Tucker:  Stalin.
mr_ed:  Ahh, too much to go into right now, but Joesph Stalin, born Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jughashvili in his native language, controlled the Soviet Union from around 1930 until he died in 1953 and had millions upon millions of Soviet citizens killed in political purges.
Tucker:  That was a while ago.
mr_ed:  Yeah. Seeger dropped out of the Communist Party in 1950 and later said he was anti-Stalin, but he hadn't written anti-Commie songs the way he had previously written anti-war, pro-Commie, and whatever else.
Tucker:  Okay, so what?
mr_ed:  Exactly! Mr. Seeger, the world does not today need an anti-Stalin folk song! Good grief! After writing bombshells like "Where Have All the Flowers Gone", "If I Had a Hammer", and "Turn, Turn, Turn!" you flog a man who's been dead 50 years? How about an anti-Putin song? Anti-Stalin we don't need!

geese in suburbs
mr_ed:  This just in:
A joint statement issued Sunday by economic ministers from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China, at the end of their annual consultations, said product quality and food safety were common challenges faced by every country. All parties should actively cooperate in improving controls and ensuring quality, it added.
With growing numbers of countries rejecting Chinese goods, China has sought to reassure consumers by highlighting similar problems in other countries and criticizing foreign media for playing up the safety problems.
mr_ed:  THANK YOU CHINA !!! I am completely reassured by your rhetoric!
Tucker:  I'm not.
mr_ed:  Okay, I'm not either. I'm just being ironic.
Tucker:  Sarcastic.
mr_ed:  Whatever. We need better stuff, China, not better speeches!
Tucker:  Reports.
mr_ed:  Whatever.
Tucker:  Your aura doesn't look so good. I don't think I need to be exposed to it right now.
mr_ed:  Grrr
Tucker:  That's my line.
mr_ed:  Okay, you're right. It's Bedtime for Bonzo.
Tucker:  Wooo!
mr_ed:  G'night to you too, bunky.

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Holly said...

Mom and dad are trying real hard not to buy doggie stuff made in China. But, it's so hard, cuz a LOT of dog chews and treats are made there. I sure hope they clean up their act soon so we can all be safe again.