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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

No comment

mr_ed:  Due to staying up wayyy too late Monday night and getting up wayyy too early Tuesday morning, there won't be a Tuesday-night blog.
Tucker:  You won't mention the Chinese youth camp to cure internet addiction?
mr_ed:  No.
Tucker:  The pig farmers murdered in Beijing, allegedly because of soaring pork prices?
mr_ed:  As much as that reminds me of a Clint Eastwood movie, no.
Tucker:  The Chinese toymaker outed by Mattel for using paint with high lead content?
mr_ed:  "We do not consider safety to be a competitive advantage"? Nope.
Tucker:  Russia's restriction of poultry from Estonia for health safety reasons?
mr_ed:  Ehhh... I don't think so.
Tucker:  Zot and the puppy?
mr_ed:  Well, maybe.
Tucker:  What will you say?
mr_ed:  Zot used to live here, but she and Jaeger...
Tucker:  Dumb Jaeger.
mr_ed:  ... ganged up on you a couple of times and really hurt you. So Zot went to live with my daughter.
Tucker:  Who is Zot's human anyway.
mr_ed:  And the puppy's fine, and Zot's doing better, and you're doing better.
Tucker:  But Jaeger still bugs me.
mr_ed:  Something's bugging you - I wish I knew what.  Anyway.
Tucker:  Anyway.
mr_ed:  Good night, David.
Tucker:  Good night, Chet.


Holly said...

That snow picture really makes me ache for winter as I continue to melt here in Omaha.


Tucker said...

We had lots of snowstorms last winter. So Human Assistant has lots of pictures of us in snow.

He says he hated snow less before he got handy capped. But he doesn't like 90°+ weather either.

Picky, picky!