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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guy talk

Tucker:  Are there any girl Siberians at MaxFund?
mr_ed:  A little puppy that's in a foster home.
Tucker:  Oh.
mr_ed:  Why?
Tucker:  Don't want any puppies again.
mr_ed:  But you want a girl Sibe?
Tucker:  Well ... Amber is pretty cute. I like that third picture.
mr_ed:  In the second one, Zim reminds me of a picture I have of you.
Tucker:  Picture of me? Where? Where?
Tucker:  Zot and Sally.
mr_ed:  You couldn't decide which girl was bugging you more. Are you sure you want another one living here again?
Tucker:  It would be different with a Sibe girl.
mr_ed:  Possibly.
Tucker:  I'll sleep on it.
mr_ed:  Good idea! Good night, punkin.
Tucker:  No puppiezzzZZZzzz

1 comment:

Holly said...

Oh Tucker, puppies are so much fun! But, adopting an older Sibe is always a good thing to do!