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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't trust TOO much!

Tucker:  The Human Assistant thanks everydoggy for their good wishes. He is feeling better. He needs to go to bed earlier. He should be asleep now, but I am letting him type a short note for me.

It sounds like dokkers led a family to think their Great Dane would have about four puppies. Ha ha . She had 16. Different news stories have different pictures. Don't trust dokkers TOO much.

Jaeger neither. The H.A. put the puppy and me in our crates and gave everydoggy treats and went out to the car. I saw Jaeger in the front yard and sounded the alarm. He had escaped!

At first H.A. thought Jaeger must have squeezed out the door along with him. That's how tired he was! He thought he hadn't noticed. So H.A. brought him back in and gave everydoggy treats again and went back out.

He was looking for a pushed-out window screen when Jaeger came running around the house to the front again. He looked so happy!  Grrr.  H.A. figured out Jaeger went out the back door and over the side fence. So he brought the escapee in again and closed the back door and gave everydoggy treats again.

That part wasn't so bad. But now H.A. has to be thinking about when Jaeger will try to escape again. Maybe he just wanted to go with H.A. But who knows. I knew that we couldn't trust Jaeger TOO much!

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