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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Babies, babies, babies

mr_ed:  Yesterday's AOL news had stories about babies, babies, and more babies.
Tucker:  Human babies are probably more annoying than puppies.
mr_ed:  Julianna Margulies might be pregnant.
Tucker:  Who?
mr_ed:  I don't know. Someone on TV, maybe. It says she might also be engaged to her boyfriend.
Tucker:  Dogs get engaged, but not that way.
mr_ed:  Chris O'Donnell's wife is pregnant with their fifth.
Tucker:  Whose wife?
mr_ed:  I don't know. Some actor, maybe. On the Today show he said, "Yeah, we're just starting to figure out how it works. I think I know why this is happening...."
Tucker:  Maybe you should get a TV so you'll know these people.
mr_ed:  And Michelle Duggar just had a baby.
Tucker:  Is she on TV?
mr_ed:  I guess she has been a couple of times, she and her family.
Tucker:  See? Who's in the family?
mr_ed:  Her husband Jim Bob and their children Jackson, James, Jana, Jason, Jedidiah, Jennifer, Jeremiah, Jessa, Jill, Jinger, Johannah Faith, John-David, Joseph, Joshua, Josiah, Joy-Anna, and Justin.
Tucker:  How many litters was that? Three or four?
mr_ed:  No, humans usually only have one or maybe two babies at a time unless the couple is using fetility drugs and whatnot. Then you might get four, five, six.
Tucker:  That's how to do it. Because what if they get parvo? With a big litter, one or two might live.
mr_ed:  You wouldn't think that's the way to do it if they all survived - and they usually do - and you had to take care of all of them.
Tucker:  Males do not take care of puppies. Odddogs like Jaeger might play with an older puppy. Sometimes. It is okay for Jaeger because he looks related to Mystique.
mr_ed:  Otherwise it's not okay?
Tucker:  It should be a female who lets puppies chew on her ears and grab her tail and jump on her head.
mr_ed:  Like Gremlin?
Tucker:  She is not very maternal. Except with the hedgehog stuffed toy. Which is mine because I am King of the Stuffies.
mr_ed:  There are human females who aren't very maternal, either. One possibility might be a woman whose name starts with "Britne..." and ends with "...pears." But it's all rumor, so I don't think it would be fair to reveal her whole name.
Tucker:  Hmmm. ::thinking "Britnea, Britneb, Britnec...."::
mr_ed:  And one wonders how Lionel Richie's adopted daughter will do as a mother.
Tucker:  One does, doesn't one?
mr_ed:  Ah, well. There are children - and puppies and kittens - closer to home who also deserve thoughts and prayers.
Tucker:  And there are seniors.
mr_ed:  True.
Tucker:  Like me. I need a thought and a prayer and a treat.
mr_ed:  I'll see what I can dream up for you. Good night, sleep tight!
Tucker:  Don't let the bed dogs bite.
mr_ed:  I'll be sure to tell Jaeger and Mystique not to bite. Will you come help me if they do?
Tucker:  ""ZZZzzzz....::

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Holly said...

I'm so glad my humans do like human children and only decided to have furchildren.