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Saturday, August 25, 2007

More moves coming

Tucker:  Don't be mad at me. Jaeger attacked me!
mr_ed:  But I'm the one who's bleeding.
Tucker:  You shouldn't have been in the middle.
mr_ed:  I was sitting on the floor and you two started fighting around me.
Tucker:  Jaeger did! He jumped in the air, bounced off the stove, and was going to body slam me and bite me!
mr_ed:  That sounds pretty dramatic, but it's not what happened.
Tucker:  Well he attacked me!
mr_ed:  Because...?
Tucker:  For no reason! He just attacked!
mr_ed:  What were you doing at the time?
Tucker:  Minding my own business!
mr_ed:  Which was...?
Tucker:  I was eating.
mr_ed:  Mmmhmm. Whose food?
Tucker:  I don't remember. Mine, probably. You give me food, I eat my food.
mr_ed:  Which is in another room. And when you're done with that, you try to eat puppy's food, right?
Tucker:  Sometimes.
mr_ed:  And I was sitting right there and told you no, didn't I?
Tucker:  And you pushed me! And then Jaeger attacked me!
mr_ed:  Sounds like he was defending either me or Mystique and her food, doesn't it?
Tucker:  He wanted puppy's food! He attacked me! He barked, "MINE !"
mr_ed:  Only two dogs eat puppy's food - one is little and black, and the other is overweight and has blue eyes.
Tucker:  ::scowl::  I have to think about that one.
mr_ed:  Well anyway, you've made Jaeger's life so miserable that he's moving this weekend.
Tucker:  Me?
mr_ed:  He won't come out of the bedroom during the day. I have to escort him past your roadblock so he can go outside and come back in.
Tucker:  He's been waiting.
mr_ed:  For what?
Tucker:  He's been hiding because he knows he couldn't just come after me. He had to have you there. To save him.
mr_ed:  Good grief.
Tucker:  So you're sending him away. But you're blaming me.
mr_ed:  He's not afraid of Gremlin, or me or the puppy.
Tucker:  Where are you sending him?
mr_ed:  To the shelter, probably, at least for a few days. I also want the shelter people to pressure the clinic people to find out why he's limping. It's been 11 or 12 weeks, and now it's worse.
Tucker:  Do you still blame me?
mr_ed:  Oh, probably not. If it's his shoulder and if he has bone grinding against bone, I don't suppose that's something that you could have done to him. But the timing was suspicious.
Tucker:  I didn't do it.
mr_ed:  ::shrug::
Tucker:  Are you sending away puppy too?
mr_ed:  Probably not tomorrow, but probably soon. She won't be a puppy much longer, and adopters do like to get puppies.
Tucker:  She's getting a little nicer.
mr_ed:  Less puppy-brained, more mature. Yeah.
Tucker:  That will be good. Just us.
mr_ed:  You snark at Gremlin sometimes, too.
Tucker:  I can't help it. Sometimes other dogs just bug me.
mr_ed:  I know, punkin. I wish I knew why, though.  ::sigh::  It's like you're irritable because you're hurting, or something.
Tucker:  I'm not bugging them. They're bugging me.
mr_ed:  I know, I know.  ::nose smooch::
Tucker:  ::snort::  ::lick own nose::  What was that for?
mr_ed:  I love you, Grumpy Bear. Hey, you know what time it is?
Tucker:  Treat, treat, treat, gimme treat!
mr_ed:  And then I'm off to bed.
Tucker:  Wooo!  Treat!

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