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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fame and fortune

mr_ed:  You got some good press for Blogathon!
Tucker:  That's because I am good!
mr_ed:  You've fooled a few people, anyway.
Tucker:  Did you see what Kittyn said about me?  "[P]erhaps the coolest blog out there this year."
mr_ed:  Of course, you have help.
Tucker:  "Tucker writes beautifully and Mr. Ed only serves to complement his fine friend."
mr_ed:  Mmm-hmm.
Tucker:  I don't remember any compliments today.
mr_ed:  "Tucker is a beautiful Siberian Husky" wasn't enough?
Tucker:  She said that four days ago. What have you done for me lately?
mr_ed:  Gave you food, treats, more food, more treats....
Tucker:  Yadda.
mr_ed:  Oh?
Tucker:  That's only enough for one yadda.
mr_ed:  You were outstanding in promoting the MaxFund no-kill animal shelter during Blogathon! We booked just over $1000 in pledges! You and your beautifulness were a  ::cough::  lean, mean, sponsor-grabbing machine!
Tucker:  Huh. Girls are beautiful. Boys are handsome.
mr_ed:  Give her a break, she's a cat person. You're handsome to a girl Sibe, of course.

Tucker:  That was mean.
mr_ed:  But for most people, fluffy dogs are beautiful. "Handsome" would be for, say, German Shepherd Dogs.
Tucker:  Except when they pull the poor dog's leg way back.
mr_ed:  Yeah, those extreme hip angulations are something else. Stacking a dog like that makes it look like someone's trying to pull the drumstick off a turkey. But anyway, you're a good-lookin' dude.
Tucker:  Yeah, yeah. But we did get lots of sponsors, didn't we?
mr_ed:  Yup! There were around 45 bloggers raising money for animal-welfare groups, and we came in third!
Tucker:  We beat the Southern California Bulldog Rescue.  ::big Husky smile::
mr_ed:  Yes, we got just a few  more dollars in pledges than they did. But we didn't "beat" them - everybody's a winner here. By the way, our friend Meeshka came in first for animals, blogging for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue.
Tucker:  Who was second?
mr_ed:  Why, our friend Kittyn, blogging for the ASPCA! You should go thank her and congratulate her.
Tucker:  Yes. I will. What's for tomorrow?
mr_ed:  Contacting our sponsors. Catching up on stuff that we let slide for at least the last week.
Tucker:  Did you say lots of naps?
mr_ed:  No, I said hook the Husky up to a cart and take some heavy furniture to Goodwill.
Tucker:  Yes, that's what I thought you said. Lots of naps.
mr_ed:  The infamous Husky hearing impairment.
Tucker:  Huh?
mr_ed:  Who's on first?
Tucker:  What's in it for me?
mr_ed:  No, What's on second.
Tucker:  Name the right fielder.
mr_ed:  Huh?
Tucker:  That's what I  said!
mr_ed:  When you're right, you're right.
Tucker:  No, I'm not in right. That's why I'm asking you, "Name the right fielder."
mr_ed:  Naturally.
Tucker:   That's what I thought.
mr_ed:  G'night, bucko.
Tucker:  ::snort::  G'night.

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Holly said...

Great job with blogathon for both of you!

Tucker, I think you definitely deserve more treats, and more food, and definitely more naps! That is totally what being a dog is about. Forget this working breed sfuff. I'm for hard working napping!