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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bo actually does know

Tucker:  What's a bo?
mr_ed:  As in rokushakubō? Six-foot martial arts staff?
Tucker:  No.
mr_ed:  Ficus religiosa, the sacred tree under which Buddha found enlightenment?
Tucker:  No, not that.
mr_ed:  Bo Jackson? Bo Derek? Bo Diddley?
Tucker:  Who?
mr_ed:  Who's on first. Jackson played outfield.
Tucker:  A bo at MaxFund?
mr_ed:  Oh... Bo!
Tucker:  That's what I said!
mr_ed:  Naturally!
Tucker:  Okay. So who is Bo at MaxFund?
mr_ed:  He's a cool young boy that looks - to me - like a mix of Redbone Coon Hound and Bluetick Coonhound.
Tucker:  What's a coonhound?
mr_ed:  You know what a hound is?
Tucker:  A dog that chases animals. Big deal. Siberian Huskies do that and pull sleds.
mr_ed:  Well, that's true. But hounds may have better noses than Sibes.
Tucker:  ::Hmpf::
mr_ed:  Anyway, the first hounds in America could track and chase animals well, but they got confused when the animal would escape up a tree.
Tucker:  That's kinda dumb.
mr_ed:  Escaping up a tree?
Tucker:  Not figuring it out.
mr_ed:  Every breed has its strengths and its limitations.
Tucker:  Not Sibes.
mr_ed:  Your fluffy coats aren't good for running through brush.
Tucker:  ::Hmpf::
mr_ed:  So treeing hounds were developed.
Tucker:  Just to chase raccoons?
mr_ed:  No, no. Also much bigger animals like bears and mountain lions.
Tucker:  Big kitties. So Bo does that?
mr_ed:  Probably not. At least, I doubt that he had training on how to hunt with people.
Tucker:  You don't need humans to chase animals. You just do it.
mr_ed:  Instinct. True. But people take hounds along and let them chase animals because the people want in on the hunt too.
Tucker:  So what's the big deal with Bo?
mr_ed:  Someone came to MaxFund this week to see how well he could track. To check his instinct.
Tucker:  They brought raccoons?
mr_ed:  No, of course not.
Tucker:  Bears? Mountain lions?
mr_ed:  No, the woman trains dogs to track people.
Tucker:  People climb trees to escape? Human claws are pretty useless.
mr_ed:  Dogs that track people can be any kind that naturally follows a scent very well. They don't have to be treeing hounds - it just happens that Bo is that kind.
Tucker:  Okay, so what?
mr_ed:  She liked how well Bo did. In fact, in the report that she wrote up on him, she said, "Every now and then, a dog comes along with such incredible natural talent, that all training is nearly always successful – Bo is such a dog."
Tucker:  How nice for him.
mr_ed:  It is if it helps him get a home! She also mentioned him on the website of the American Scent Hound Association and wrote that he's a "top drawer tracking candidate."
Tucker:  I hope he finds a home. What does he look like?
mr_ed:  Besides the picture? Kinda like Jaeger with long ears.
Tucker:  Don't bring him here.
mr_ed:  Maybe Bo and Jaeger would have fun playing together. Maybe you'd like Bo.
Tucker:  I hope they both find homes. Just not this one.
mr_ed:  You're a grumpus.
Tucker:  Gimme a treat.
mr_ed:  Maybe I should give you sugar to sweeten you up.
Tucker:  Yeah!  Woooo!  What's sugar?
mr_ed:  Something neither of our overweight bodies need. I don't think I even have any in the house.
Tucker:  You could go get some! I'll go in the crate if you give me a treat!
mr_ed:  How about we all just go to sleep?
Tucker:  ::sigh::  Not as good. But that would be my second choice.
mr_ed:  Okay, big red. Goodnight.
Tucker:  ::ZZZzzzzz::

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The Army of Four said...

"Instinct"? I was at the vet's today and she checked my "instincts". They didn't think I'd appreciate them checking, but hey, mom fed me cookies the whole time, so who cares what the vet's doing back in my instinct area! Ha roo roo roo!
Play bows,
PS: Send us your rain, please! And some COOLER weather!