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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Tucker:  The Human Assistant says he is not feeling so good. So this blog will just be me. But how do you know it is me? I could be Gremlin, Jaeger, or puppy.

No, I can't be Mystique. She is too puppy-brained to sit still. But I may be Rosanne Barr.

They say that some weird things showed up on her myspace page. However. Technically. It looks like these were "bulletins," which are messages that go to all your myspace "friends." And that is worse because you can't erase them off your friends' pages. Like you can a blog on your myspace page.

Fortunately (or not) Perez Hilton has images of the bulletins. Alleged bulletins. One seems to say, "[T]hough i am ashamed to admit it, since i am a jew .. spam f* rocks!!!"

(Of course, "SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC." And "Jew" may be a trademark of G*d. Dogs have trouble understanding these things.)

Some person should send "spam f* rocks!!!" to Hormel. They ask for art and endorsements. You can also get stuff on that page. Like this wallpaper.

But on Rosanne's website she says that someone else wrote the bulletins. And stole a sex tape. People can be so mean!

Back to her myspace page. It says, "[Y]ou can see a photo of me posing nude over at my official website." Maybe so. But all you can really see is head and shoulders. Not enough to earn the "rated-X" logo used as a link.

Diogenes had trouble finding honest people 2,300 years ago. I think he would have lots of trouble finding honest people on the internet. (Would he have known the truth when he found it? He believed that dogs are honest. He never met Siberians. ::big Husky grin::)

SPAM® is honest, I think. It is what it is. And has been since 1937. It does puzzle me when they say "There are several known SPAM&trade factories around the world." Are there unknown SPAM&trade factories? Shouldn't Hormel know? But at least it sounds true. That counts for something!

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Holly said...

I think spam would be pretty yummy!