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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Endangered blog

African Wild Dog African Wild Dogs are an endangered species.

Isn't this one cute? Maybe it's a puppy.

This blog is also endangered!

The Human Assistant doesn't want to help me with it anymore.

He says it's not worth his time. Never mind both of ours.

He's been reading stuff at Google by someone named Anna Littix. She watches everdoggy's Google blog and can tell you things about yours. Like, we get 10 visitors a day. Pretty much every day.

H.A. says this isn't very many visitors. I think he's jealous because I have more friends than he does!

But Anna also says that all of our visitors combined spend less than 11 minutes a day here. Maybe everydoggy's a speed reader! Or they read the blog on a reader site and don't come here.

I don't know how that works. But I think it means we could have a bazillion friends spending ninety-eleven hours a day reading the blog but Anna wouldn't know about it.

If you read the blog, please write a comment. Otherwise H.A. may find another way to spend his time. Like bringing home more foster dogs. That wouldn't be good!

Thank you!



-- photo of African Wild Dog from Wikipedia


Minky, Benny, Moey, and Tippy said...

We read your blog, Tucker! Every day! You're in the top 3 most visited sites in our del.icio.us bookmarks! We would be very sad if your H.A. decided not to help you with your blog any longer.

Anonymous said...

We would all be very sad if you're blog became extinct, Tucker! My Nana reads it every day, or almost every day. If she misses a day, she catches up because her Goggle Reader saves t all for her. Most of the time it's the only way she knows what's going on at the MaxFund shelter whenshe can't get down there herself.

Please HA, don't stop the blog!! WE love it!!

desperately yours,
Harley, Barney, Oliver, Rosey and the humans too!!

diane's sister said...

Oh No! I read your blog everyday -ok, sometimes I have to read 2 entries in one day ;) - but I don't miss often!

Kapp pack said...

Oh No! Please claw him into letting you help write the blog. We love your blog. It's so different from everyone elses....we learn lots of things we wouldn't have know otherwise! We read everyday even if we don't have time to comment everyday. Please please please please please please please don't stop bloggin!!!!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann!!!!

IndyPindy said...

My mom's been using Anna Littix too! Hey, I tagged you Tucker, come to my blog to see the rules!

My foot is feeling all better, thank you. I even went back to school today!

diane said...

Tucker, please don't go! I read you every day, even if I don't comment very often.

diane said...

P.S. You can't go--HA is the only person I've ever seen mention Leif Ericsson Day in conversation!

hrafntinna said...

I read your blog, Tucker! I may not get here every day, but I check in at least twice a week to hear the Voice of the Sibe. Wooo!

Alizarin said...

Keep blogging, Tucker! I read your site as often as I can, and I would miss the intelligent perspective that only a Husky can provide.