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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dogs in the news

The Human Assistant didn't feel like being responsible today. So he went to Google News and just typed in "dogs." I picked out some stories.

African Wild Dog Maybe next Halloween you can be an African Wild Dog! They are cousins of ours that are endangered. H.A. found an article about a rescue program.

Capuchin monkey Or you may want to dress like a Capuchin monkey. That will really fool people!

Except in North Carolina. Apparently people there think that monkeys are dogs. So you wouldn't fool anybody.

But a woman is trying to change people's opinions. Maybe next year people won't think that monkeys are dogs. She also warns that
[T]his monkey poses a health threat when given access to the public, as depicted in this picture. Monkeys can inflict serious bites and other injuries, and can carry diseases that are transmittable to humans.
And dogs don't do that!

rotating DNA fragment But if you decide to inflict a bite, don't go to New South Wales (Australia) to do it. They will take your DNA away from you. (How do they do that?) And then they check it with any you left on your victim.

Your humans might have to pay $55,000 in Australian money ($49,000 in U.S. money). Or they might have to live in a kennel for two years!

1833 painting of dogsled Have you ever heard of dogsledding? In the lower 48?
Think dog-sledding, and the image that comes to mind is Alaska or the Yukon Territory, the Iditarod race, and cold, rugged conditions.
The Hartford, Connecticut, newspaper ran an article saying that it goes on right there in New England!!!

rescued puppy-mill dog Finally, a Colorado group is rescuing dogs from puppy mills. They "invaded" Missouri last month. With help from a Denver TV station.

That's all for now!


-- fist four images from Wikipedia -- photo of puppy-mill dog from Mill Dog Rescue Network

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