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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Outside the Dog House

There's a story on the internet about the world's biggest dog meeting the world's smallest dog.

manipulated image of big dog and small dog Itchmo got the story from the U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail.

Oops. Itchmo made the story disappear.

I wonder if the Human Assistant caused that with the rude comment he left there?

He says it wasn't
rude, exactly, just a little harsher than he meant it to be.

They may make the picture disappear too. It should be right here at the top of this post. If it's not, try here.

Itchmo says the dogs "met in Washington D.C. to celebrate Guinness World Records Day 2007."

The Daily Mail says they "met up to celebrate Guinness World Records Day 2007 outside the White House in Washington D.C."

Guinness World Records and the Daily Mail are both in Great Britain.

H.A. left a comment on the Daily Mail article saying they should remember burning the place down 193 years ago. "It didn't have a dome then, and it doesn't have a dome now."

I wonder if he was mad at me about something?

north face of U.S. White House U.S. Capitol over reflection pool U.S. Naval Observatory
The White House,
Washington, D.C.
U.S. Capitol,
Washington, D.C.
U.S. Naval Observatory,
Washington, D.C.
Lincoln Memorial at twilight Washington Monument and fireworks The Pentagon
Lincoln Memorial,
Washington, D.C.
Washington Monument,
Washington, D.C.
The Pentagon,
Washington Monument
in background,
Washington, D.C.

The President lives at the White House, but it doesn't have a dome. Congress doesn't live at the Capitol, and it does have a dome.

The Vice President's home is at the Naval Observatory. It has more domes than you can count! Espeically in such a small picture. Click on it to see a bigger one. I don't know if the Veep actually lives there. But I sure would! It looks cool!

But it also looks like none of these buildings in Washington are the one in the doggy photo. The Capitol is close. But the thingy on the very top is way different.

Where, or where could this building be?

So the U.S. Capitol isn't the right building, but maybe another capitol is! Like a state capitol. Here are some examples:

Missouri state capitol Indiana state capitol Maine state capitol Oklahoma state capitol


But there are so many capitol buildings! There must be at least one for every state! I didn't even know how many until now.

The Human Assistant set up a page of state capitol pictures on his blog.

He said it took a looong time to put everything together. Little pictures of all 52 state capitols. Links to bigger pictures of all 52 state capitols.

I was surprised that he did all that without saying anything rude. I guess he's not mad at me after all! Not that I know what he'd be mad about. I'm a good doggy! He tells me that a lot.

I'm really glad he put the pictures on his blog. He said that with 52 of them it may take computers with slow connections a long time to load them all. Even though they're small pictures. So it's optional. If you want to see the 52 state capitols you can go to his blog. If not, you don't have to, if you just want to read my blog.

Do you already know what building is in the doggy picture? Don't post it in a comment just yet. The other two who read my blog once in a while may want to figure it out for themselves!

By the way, that picture is phoney baloney. I didn't believe H.A. at first because sometimes he pulls one of my legs. Which I hate.

He said the dogs look pasted onto the background. Which I guess is true. And he said the shadows don't all go the same direction. Which I couldn't really tell. He said to trust him. Which I don't, always.

Then he showed me the press release from Guiness World Records. It says, "Manipulated Image."

That kinda annoyed me. I guess it annoyed some other people, too. But there you have it.

It's so hard to decide who not to trust these days!

-- image of dogs from Daily Mail via itchmo
-- all other photos from Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

It's the California State Capitol in Sacramento. I've seen the big dog. He lives in my neighborhood.

bre1999 said...

this is sooooo fake!!!!