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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Al-Can Highway Day!

Okay, this is a little late in the day. But on November 21 we can celebrate the Alaska-​Canadian Highway being finished - 45 years ago!

Alaska-Canadian Highway map Porsche Cayenne SUV
Al-Can Highway map Porsche Cayenne SUV

Not that the highway was completely finished on November 21.

I mean, there was a through road by October 28. But it was a "pioneer road," says that Wikipedia article. You wouldn't have wanted to drive your $90,000 Porsche SUV over it, probably.

If you had one then.

(But it would have cost less than 1/10th as much back then1. So why not?)

Anyway. There was a road of sorts on November 21. It cost a lot of hard work and even a few deaths. It's been improved over the years so that now it's almost an Arctic Autobahn.

Someday maybe the Human Assistant will say "Tucker! Ride?" And we'll head North to Alaska!

Alaska-Canadian Highway West Dartmouth Avenue in Denver
Alaska-Canada Highway
~ It's a long way to Tipperary ~
Dartmouth Avenue looking west
Where's the mountains?

Al-Can Highway ... Dartmouth Avenue. Some subtle differences.  

For example, one is in Denver, the other one isn't. The Human Assistant can take pictures of one of them without even going outside, the other one he can't.

So this is just to show you how much snow we got last night. Not much. But every little bit gives the suburban farmers more water for next year's crop.

Not the snow that falls here. That water will be used and gone by then. No, the snow in the mountains. It builds up over the winter. Skiers get drunk and barf in it. Wild animals do their thing in it.

And next spring it will melt. Everyone who drinks water from surface sources (like, about a million and a half people in this area) has it flow into their sinks.

And people wonder why dogs aren't very choosy about what goes in our mouths!  ::BIG Husky Grin:: !


1  inflation estimates:
  • $8748 using Gross Domestic Product data for 1942 and 2007 (estimated);
  • $7740 using Consumer Price Index for 1942 and 2004 (latest figure available);
  • $6414.80 using Consumer Price Index for 1942 and 2006 (latest figure available);
  • -- photo of Porsche Cayenne, and map & photo of the Al-Can Highway, from Wikipedia

    1 comment:

    Kapp pack said...

    Great pics of the Al Can! Our mom traveled the whole thing with her family about 12 years ago, it was definitely the vacation of a lifetime for her. That's where she fell in love even more with us sled dogs. She got to visit with Jon Little and his dog yard. He used to run the Iditarod and now he is the Cabela's Iditarod reporter. Very cool!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann