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Saturday, December 1, 2007


MaxFund photo of Sequoia Maxfund photo of Zena
MaxFund photo
of Sequoia
MaxFund photo
of Zena

dog Zena #1503 dog Zena #1501 I knew it!

I knew it would happen, I said it would happen, and it happened!

By the way, pictures of Sequoia and Zena are on the MaxFund website now.

Those photos are here on the blog with the kind permission of MaxFund's volunteer photographer, Nicole Howard

[And through the hard, time-​consuming work of the Human Assistant​  -- mr_ed]

::lip curl::

Ol' H.A., here, went to the MaxFund shelter on Friday. He "wanted to take pictures of Zena."

Here they are. Not very good photography.

And I saw the others - they're worse! He says the camera isn't focusing right. Mmmhmm.

He took some half-​way okay pictures of Sequoia on Sunday. And some not-​so-​good ones Wednesday.

Maybe he dropped the camera in between.

Anyway. Friday, he takes some pictures of Zena. When he leaves the shelter, he comes straight home.

(Usually he stops for supper at a Village Inn. But that's a blog for another time. Hopefully. If there is another time.)

Lucy rolling on the grass And why didn't he stop at a Village Inn?

Because it was too cold to leave Lucy in the car!

Anydoggy who didn't see this coming, go to your crate for time out.

H.A. took lots of pictures of Lucy by herself. Why? She wasn't a foster. She isn't a Siberian Husky.

He took pictures of me and Lucy. Now why would he do that?

And before all that, he stuck her MaxFund photo on the blog!

So now Lucy is here.

[Only for the weekend​  -- mr_ed]

Riiight. Sure. Mmmhmm. We'll see what happens. I'm sure he'll be taking pictures. If he can get away from her climbing on him and kissing him.

Stupid Spaniels. Gee, their ears look like nice chew toys...!



-- MaxFund photos of Sequoia and Zena by Nicole Howard


Kapp pack said...

The things you have to put up with! When will the H.A. get that you don't like all these free loaders infringing on your attention?

Minky said...

"Only for the weekend." BWAHAHAHA!! Boy, have I heard that one before. Be afraid, Tucker ... be very, very afraid!!

Seriously, how nice that Lucy gets to be in a real home, for however long. I hope she has a great time!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Tucker... you are so tolerant of the things your H.A. does. You should get some steak for dinner tonight.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Ok Tukhker - I'll make woo the same offer I've khommunikhated to Hbbb and Turbo: woo are welkhome HERE!

There is plenty of room fur you!

I'll even make my hu-mom go get US khookies from the Galleria - like ya know!

Wags to poor woo!