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Friday, December 21, 2007

Perro Blanco and Tucker-Too

Okay, well, this wasn't what I planned to post next, either.

And I can't take very long because the Human Assistant is t.i.r.e.d. Even though he got up late. (Fed us late, of course.) Didn't do anything all day. Went off visitng other dogs.  ​Hmpf!

First he went to the city pound to see a white Sibe. He thought he'd post it on SIBERNET. Or maybe see if MaxFund would take it. Like they did Sequoia.

But he wanted more information than the shelter had on their website.

Certainly the dog could never come here! He was picked up as a stray, a young male. Some punk kid lost his turf? Looking to take over my turf? Not gonna happen!

H.A. says he's a nice dog. (So what?) And he took pictures he wants to post. (So what?) Next time. But here's one of them so you can see "perro blanco." (Which isn't the dog's name. It's just Spanish for "dog, white.")

white Sibe at Denver pound Keeshond Tucker at MaxFund
white Sibe at Denver
Municipal Animal Shelter
at MaxFund

Then H.A. went to see a MaxFund dog the volunteers were talking about.  ​Tucker!  ​Can you imagine the nerve?

Oh, dear! Tucker-Too is missing his beautiful curled-up tail! All Spitz doggies should have a furry, curled-up tail! It's part of our charm!

H.A. says Tucker-Too is nice, too. And 6 years old. That doesn't matter! No other male dogs here! And no more dogs!

(In case the H.A. has forgotten, Lucy is still here! And yes, she's still doing fine. Matts on her Spaniel ears that he's working on. Then she should be groomed.  ​Heh.  ​Better her than me!)

Okay, that's it for now. More pictures next time of perro blanco or Tucker-Too. Or both. Maybe we'll get back to my stuff!


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Minky said...

That perro blanco is beautiful! Mom says she couldn't find him on the Denver Muni website - wonder if he got adopted?