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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lessons from lolcats

The Human Assistant has some news about shelter Sibes. But he's annoyed by it. So first he had to look at a bunch of lolcats.

Which is okay. Because sometimes there are lessons for dogs in them.

For example. Some dogs are show dogs. Of course Siberian Huskies are very handsome and beautiful in the show ring. But we're supposed to be judged on how well we conform to breed standards.

So these are contests of conformation. As opposed to agility or obedience (::snicker::) or whatever.

Cats can also compete in conformation shows. Not in the same ones with dogs. But against each other. It's easy to judge cat conformation! Like this....
lolcat picture of cat running This is correct conformation for all cats. It's how they should always be seen.

lolcat picture of annoying a human Because this is what cats do. They are enemies of the pack.

Tolkien was a Beowulf expert. Most people, not so much.
lolcat picture of kitten's fur standing up But try not to rub cats the wrong way too often. Some of them get mean.
lolcat picture of bird with head upside down When a bird is out of reach, roll on your back. This confuses birds and may make them strain a muscle in their neck.

Except, don't try this with parrots. They're crazy and will hang upside down to annoy you back.
lolcat photo of child licking hog's snout Don't let humans lick your nose. They can carry respiratory infections from one dog to the next.

And if they just licked a pig...!

So the H.A. was at MaxFund Wednesday. He didn't take Lucy back. But he had lots on his mind about Sequoia maybe getting adopted.

He tried to tell me about the applications on her. But he was too tired to make sense. It sounded like there were four applications. Or three plus one that wasn't there. Or something.

One family already has two Sibes. H.A. met the dogs and the mom and dad outside MaxFund by an accident of timing. Sounds like a good home! If Sequoia doesn't get off on the wrong paw with the King of the Pack.

And barking of large male dogs ... H.A. says he got a kiss from Caesar. Who has always been unfriendly when he walks by his kennel.

It turns out that Milk-Bone soothes the savage beast. After walking by on a few different days and making "piece offerings."

Anyway. When H.A. rests up I'm sure I'll know more about Sequoia. And Lucy. And maybe Caesar. (But there's no chance whatsoever that MaxFund would let Caesar come here. They just won't. They're überhyperpicky about homes for Akitas.

Although it might be interesting. What breed does this sound like?
The two most outstanding characteristics of the Akita as a house pet are that they are very clean and that they are very easy to house break. Akitas have been described as almost "cat-like," as they are clean and odorless. Akitas may take a while to train because they are easily bored and can be stubborn. Akitas are highly intelligent, and will only obey a task if they see the point of it. They are not trick dogs. They are also a dominant species, and will not take orders from a weak or abusive leader, requiring a firm but loving education where "no" always means "no" and never "whatever".
::Big Husky Grin::  Whatevahhh....


-- "moar funny pictures" frm icanhascheezburger

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Kapp pack said...

Don't I don't conform to breed standard either.....I am an extra-large husky weighing in at 85 lbs.

Kisses, Sky boy