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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ringo & Sequoia, pt. III

dogs Ringo and Sequoia playing There wasn't going to be a Part 3.

The Human Assistant was very unhappy that he stayed up so late last night doing Part 2.

Of course it's his own fault for typing so slowly!

And for forgetting to tell me this important bit.

Ringo hadn't woooed for his new dad.

This is important to humans. They love to hear us talk!

Except when they're on the phone or watching TV or lying down with a migraine or something.

Which is why it's good for Siberian Huskies to have plenty of buddies in the house! A bunch all making noise at the same time can make humans feed them, take them for walks ... all kinds of stuff!

Timber never woooed in the year that she was here with H.A. But I do, so I get bonus points. Which are handy sometimes! Like when I ate all of Gremlin's supper last night!

Anyway. While they were meeting last Friday, Sequoia started woooing about something or another. And Ringo joined in. And Rick enjoyed that!


It's been snowing for the past few days. Off and on. By "days" I mean daytime and also nighttime.


The sun was out today so H.A. had to shovel the porch and sidewalk.  ​  ​Which he doesn't like very much.


Minky, I'm sorry if your mom was embarrassed in class! It's good that she has you so she can prove she didn't mean to be mean!

It's also good for people with small dogs to know how certain other kinds of dogs see them! Like … oh, Greyhounds, for example!  ​

Okay. That's all for now. Gotta beg for some treats!



Minky said...

Awww! Ringo wooooed!

Mr. Ed, is using the "y" word kind of like using the "b" word? Mom says it's okay when she calls herself a "b," but maybe not when someone else does. As a female dog myself, this is where things start to get confusing for me.

diane said...

Maybe Gremlin just wasn't hungry last night, and you didn't want the food to go to waste ;)

Kapp pack said...

Why does you human put up with the MaxFund people? You would think they would realize he understands huskies and would have an educated opinion on a potential adopter.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann