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Friday, December 14, 2007

On, you huskies!

Thanks to everydoggy who left comments lately! Okay, and humans too.  ​::big Husky grin::

(And Sheri - the Human Assistant apologizes for not answering your email! He forgets things. Then he remembers them and forgets them again.)

Obviously it is important to have a forum where questions like this can be asked - and answered!

Minky: Mr. Ed, is using the "y" word kind of like using the "b" word?

Kelsey Ann: Why does your human put up with the MaxFund people?

Well, K.A., it's because...
  • Most MaxFund people are like Minky's (and Benny's and Moey's and Tippy's) mom ... nice;

  • H.A. is occasionally a doodoo-head himself; and

  • Like they say, "It's about the animals."
There aren't many people at MaxFund that he'd like to give negative reinforcement to. And he's only been volunteering there for a year and a bit. And he is only a volunteer.

They listen to him about the same as I do. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. He's trying to take it less personally. If it's part of the breed, whaddaya gonna do?

Not to mention, the ones who ignore him are actually his friends!
mr_ed:  Minky, here's a human male's viewpoint.

Calling another human the b-word can get you fired, sued, and written up on the bathroom wall. Calling a dog the y-word can get your ankle chewed off.

The emergency room is cheaper, and they give you pain medicine.

Plus the chicks really dig it when you say you were injured doing a HALO jump from a Huey into Uzbekistan without a 'chute (which you gave to the embedded female journalist) while advising Special Forces on security matters.

So I'd say they're completely different.
Speaking of different:

Bell UH-1P Iroquois helicopter, the Huey Kaman HH-43B Huskie helicopter
(HU-1/UH-1 Iroquois)
(HH-43 Huskie)

If you click on the Huskie to make it bigger, you can see it says "Rescue." The Air Force also used the four-legged kind for rescue, like in Greenland. There's neat stuff like that in the book, Soldiers & Sled Dogs; A History of Military Dog Mushing by Charles L. Dean.

Now, how is vital info like that going to get out there without a blog? H.A. says he'll keep helping me. Wooooo!

Also, this just in. Sequoia finally has a pretty good application. MaxFund called H.A. to let him know she'll probably be trial-adopted this afternoon!


Wasn't that nice of them to call?  

That's all for now!



diane said...

Thanks, Mr. Ed, for continuing to help Tucker out with his blog. And also for helping out at MaxFund!

Minky said...

Yes, thank you, Mr. Ed! My brothers and I love reading Tucker's blog every day, and appreciate that you take time to answer my questions!

Yay for Sequoia!! She's so beautiful that I imagine she's drawn many applications, not all from people who understand Sibies.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...