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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Payton, Sequoia, Zena

MaxFund dog Payton MaxFund dog Sequoia MaxFund dog Zena

  ✔  Payton had been on trial adoption. His humans went to MaxFund last Thursday and made it permanent!

  ✔  Sequoia was busy late last week!  ​She was adopted, returned ("Doesn't get along with other dogs") and adopted again!


Now she's an only dog. She has an 8-foot fence and humans who are experienced with Husky mixes. Her new mom runs 5 miles a day. Well, that's a start...!

  ✔  Zena did some moving around too!  ​She had been in the MaxFund office where all the visitors could see her. But nothing happened!  ​So about a week ago she went into a foster home.

Then over this last weekend she got adopted!  This wasn't a fast foster failure. Some entirely different humans got her. What a lucky dog to finally have people interested in her!

Speaking of lucky....

It's a good thing I have this blog! The Human Assistant went to the shelter on Monday and again spent some time with Caesar, the big Akita.

Gave him a Milk-Bone from the house!  ​Tossed his stuffed Santa. Played grab-paw with him. Scratched his fur and got his face washed.

Then he said to a MaxFund person, "I sure wish I could take Caesar!"

They said, "You can!"

H.A. said, "Huh uhh, he's an Akita and doesn't get along with other dogs."

They said, "Caesar's an Akita that gets along with other dogs!

"Except maybe Tucker. Caesar likes girl dogs and submissive dogs."

So he says, "Tucker's not aggressive, but he's not exactly submissive either. Maybe I could bring Tucker here and trade him for Caesar!"

And they wisely pointed out, "No, because then Tucker wouldn't have help with his blog."


Not that H.A. would seriously trade me for another dog. I mean, I'm a Siberian Husky! He wouldn't want an Akita, would he?



Minky said...

Aw, I wish Caesar could go home with your H.A.! Mom says she takes him Milk-Bones, too.

Remember when he shared the back office with Myka, the Jindo? They got along famously! But Myka was a girl doggie.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

What happy HOWLidays it will be fur some!

But still way too many in need of a furever home so Santa Paws khan find them and leave them pressies!!

Time fur us to khount our blessings!!!

Wuv and Wags,