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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Houseguest V

Well.  The Human Assistant took Lucy to MaxFund on Tuesday. But he forgot to take her into the shelter!

His memory is worse than Jason Bourne's! H.A. said once that he interviewed with the NSA. But he won't say whether they hired him. Hmmm.

Anyway. He put Lucy and Zena together in the rehab yard at MaxFund. Lucy's owners said she didn't do well with their other dogs. But I guess today there wasn't any "chick fight," as male humans sometimes say.

photo #1544 of dogs Lucy and Zena photo #1545 of dogs Lucy and Zena
-- Hi, Lucy.
-- Hi, Zena.
          -- How's your foster home?
          -- Another day, another doodoo.
photo #1550 of dogs Lucy and Zena photo #1549 of dogs Lucy and Zena
  -- We're supposed to "meet 'n' greet."
  -- Okay.  I wonder why.
  -- To show that you like other dogs.
  -- I keep forgetting that I don't get along.
photo #1559 of dog Lucy photo #1560 of dog Lucy
-- ♫♪♬  Heaven ... I'm in heaven.... -- ♫♪♬  And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak....
photo #1553 of dog Zena photo #1555 of dog Zena
-- Hey!  Let me out! -- Let me howwwwwwwt!
photo #1552 of dog Lucy photo #1561 of dogs Lucy and Zena
-- Okay, I'm ready.    -- What's a girl have to do....
   -- ... to get some attention around here?

H.A. said something about getting together a dark-haired Lucy and a and light-haired Zena. But I didn't understand. It didn't sound like he was talking about dogs ... fortunately!

Lucy and I had more adventures today. But H.A. needs his beauty sleep. More next time!

(I'm pretty sure he'll want to keep blogging about Lucy. Keep your paws crossed!)



Benny, Moey, Minky, and Tippy said...

Lucy and Zena are such nice girls!!

We're keeping all our paws crossed that H.A. will keep helping you blog about Lucy and other interesting things. That's a lot of paws!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

So, the next ones will be Princess and Warrior?




Anonymous said...

Harley was here

Woof ya later!!!