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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lucy is fine

dogs Zena and Lucy At the moment, Lucy is gnawing on a Nylabone.

She got it from the toy pile.

Which nodoggy else bothers with.

Gremlin and I just like stuffed toys.

But the Human Assistant doesn't like me hogging them. Something about me growling and snapping when other dogs come near.

He gave one to Lucy a couple of days ago. Within five minutes she was pulling out the stuffing. So he took it away from her. But it fell off the refrigerator this morning, and I got it! When H.A. realized I had it ... and was pulling out even more stuffing ... he took it.

Which I wasn't happy about. I didn't want to give it to him! But I did, and I got a treat. So it worked out sorta okay.

Anyway, he's glad that Lucy takes stuff out of the toy pile. He's frustrated that nodoggy since Mystique likes the toys. Mostly Lucy only grabs one and prances around with it when he comes home.

But even that little bit makes him happy. Which I suspect she knows. I don't have to resort to such tricks! I'm lovable just the way I am!

Lucy sleeps on the bed with the Human Assistant. Except when I go to bed first and decide I don't want to leave just because H.A. comes in to lie down. It doesn't leave much room for Spaniels. But that isn't very often.

I don't know why Lucy doesn't wake him up in the morning. When it's obviously time for breakfast, I have to go in and bark and woo. And she still doesn't do anything to help! But hey - she makes sure that she eats!

Saturday night H.A. thought I was being too crabby. So when Lucy wanted to get around me and I started snarling and snapping at her, he sprayed us with citronella. It always makes me forget what we were arguing about.

Anydoggy who says that Lucy will stay here permanently ... I'll send the H.A. with his spray so you'll forget what we're arguing about!  ​::big Husky grin::

By the way, Zena went to a foster home today. A foster home that's not my home! So I don't have to deal with her and Lucy and Gremlin.

So that's all that's been going on at the house. I think H.A.'s been at MaxFund every day this week. It really cuts down on activity here. For me, anyway. Since he sticks me in a crate.

I can tell when he's getting ready to go, of course. Then when he gets out the special crate-only treats, I go running into the living room into my crate. I hop from one paw to the other and woo.

If he takes too long I run back into the kitchen and howl at him and then run back to the crate so I don't miss out.

He starts laughing and it slows him down. Today he was such a slowpoke that I had to run back to hurry him up twice! Waddaya gonna do with humans?



Tippy, who also stayed said...

I think Lucy will stay there permanently.

*running and ducking from citronella blast*

Maggie Moo said...

it's ok. i like citronella.

Anonymous said...

Humm.... Lucy sure does look like she would make for a good sister for you Tucker!