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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Houseguest II

So Lucy has been here a day. It's been okay. The Human Assistant is happy there's a dog sleeping on his bed again.

What's the big deal? I'm up there about half of each evening. Seems like that should satisfy him. But no, it has to be while he's asleep. When he wouldn't even know there's a rattlesnake in bed with him! Or a rhino. Or something.

dog Shu Shu dog Lucy
Shu Shu
Cocker Spaniel
Someotherkindof Spaniel

Anyway, Lucy's some kind of Spaniel or Spaniel mix. We haven't studied on it. But we know she's not a Cocker Spaniel like Shu Shu was.

You can see that Lucy's taller than Shu Shu. She has to have a taller picture. Shu Shu was 15.5" tall at the shoulders. I think. Lucy is 21.5".

She acted squirrely when H.A. measured her. Like she was some kind of wiggly squiggly puppy. She's 9.5 years old! Same age as me! Silly girl.

treat time cat eating dog biscuits
Milk-Bone break Hey! Get outta there!

H.A. tried hard to get pictures of us all together. Passing out MilkBones didn't work. I took mine to a different room.

Out in the yard Lucy was either right next to the H.A. or off exploring on her own. Finally he told her to go see what I was doing.

I was minding my own business.

And the neighbor's business.

Which is my business.

The green things stacked flat on the ground next to the fence are where somedobby tried to dig under.

H.A. never found out who did it. And I don't remember.

::big Husky grin::.

He says that all the green things are pieces of "composting bins."

He hasn't used them in the year I've been here.

Except to block the fence.

So I don't know what they're supposed to do. Except block the fence.

Which only some of them are doing.

Lay there and look ugly and be slippery to walk on when it snows or sleets, maybe.

Like it was when he took the pictures outside.

In the last one there are some white dots on my coat.

It was barely sleeting.

It was falling like water but had some ice, too. Kinda weird.

Anyway, Lucy came over and poked around. But she didn't come to the fence.

I kept an eye on her. But it was okay.

Later I had some apple. But I didn't have to growl at her or bark at her or anything.

Lucy seems okay. For now, anyway.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.


-- "moar funny pictures" frm icanhascheezburger

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Tippy the Bed-Snuggler said...

Aw, it's great to be on the big-bed, isn't it, Lucy? I love to snuggle up to a warm human when I'm sleeping! You should try it, Mr. Tucker!!