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Monday, December 3, 2007

Houseguest III

Sunday was a pretty good day. Even though we had a doggy houseguest. Lucy is actually not a bad guest.

dog Lucy by the gate dog Lucy by the storage shed
Lucy investigating
by the gate
Lucy investigating
by the storage shed

Saturday night it snowed a bit. The snow was still on the ground Sunday morning. But it was gone after a couple of hours of sun.

Then Sunday afternoon it snowed a very tiny bit. Enough to show up on our coats. Like in that first picture. But not enough to make the ground white.

Lucy decided to explore the yard. Like the doggie den, which I've mentioned before. The Human Assistant took a picture of her coming out of that. But it was too crummy to be saved.

I've checked all these places out. I've been here over a year! So I didn't need to follow Lucy around. But then she found something on the patio!

Or under the patio! Which is just these flat stones lying on dirt. So you can dig under them. I never have! I'm a good boy and not a digger! Honest!

But something really got Lucy's attention! So I had to go see. She dug and dug, and I watched and watched. The H.A. took lots of pictures!

Too many to get them ready for this blog. So we'll have to show them next time.

Lucy by the house dog Tucker watches Lucy dig
Lucy investigating
by the house
Watcha doin' Lucy?

So it wasn't bad having a houseguest. We weren't pals or anything. But we only had one argument.

Lucy wasn't eating her food. So I stepped up to take care of it. Only she was piggy and didn't want to let me.

Well, we discussed it for a second and a half. Not even long enough for H.A. to reach in his pocket and get the citronella spray, which I have mentioned a few times.

Lucy changed her mind and let me at her bowl. But H.A. had the spray out. Funny thing, though. It didn't stop me. We were having Cow In a Can. Couldn't let that go to waste!

H.A. took it away from me. He explained that it had five different medicines and powders and things in it that MaxFund gave him to give Lucy. She needed to have it.

Well, all right....

He thinks maybe she could taste the stuff mixed into the food. She wanted to eat the cow but not the medicine. So she was kinda picking at it.

I think whatever! Eat it, don't eat it, but don't let it go to waste!

Lucy actually finished that meal. But not the next one. We had rehydrated beef on rye. Dog, that's good stuff! But H.A. gave up when he finally got about half of it in her.

And of course I couldn't finish it because it had her medicine stuff in it. I didn't care! But no.

He had already tried wrapping her pills in pieces of deli-sliced turkey. That's the way Gremlin and I get ours. But Lucy spit them out. He went to the store for hot dogs. That's how MaxFund gives medicine. But we've never had them before.

Quarter-pound koshers! Wow! Great stuff! Lucy thought so too after she spit out the pills.

For another meal we had Deer In a Can. Same deal. Lucy no like. With medicine in it, anyway.

She does like the new kibble we're trying.1 Snarfed it right up when H.A. didn't try to mix anything into it.

Anyway. We got along fine except for Lucy wasting food. And it was important to find this out because her MaxFund description says, "I didn't get along with the other pets in the home."

So now MaxFund can tell people that she does get along with other dogs. Even ones that have reputations for not getting along with fosters!

Of course, things could change after a month or two. Lucy might go off her good behavior and decide to fight with me. Which would be dumb. But she might do it.

But she won't get the chance. She'll be going back to MaxFund Monday afternoon. And that will be that. H.A. will tell me I've been a very good boy. So of course I'll have to get treats for that! ::Big Husky Grin!::

Well, this has been a long blog. H.A. can't blame me for that. He's the one who wanted me to tell lots of stuff about Lucy! But it's taken a long time to get it all down.

I know he has at least a couple more subjects he wants me to talk about. So he won't pull the plug just yet.

I don't know what else to say ... so that's it for now!


1 This new line is made by Diamond Pet Food and stirred up some controversy when it came out. So far we're doing okay with this first bag.

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diane said...

Hi Tucker. I'm glad you had a good weekend with Lucy. And at least you got snow--we only got an inch of ice. Not as much fun to play in.